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Akbar V Is “Losing Faith” & Asks Funk Flex For Opportunity To Rap

She opened up and suggested that she feels as if people don’t believe in her talents.

The industry may be filled with opportunities for artists looking for their big breaks, but it still is difficult to make your mark. We live during a time where artists are able to carve out their own paths without the help of labels and a machine behind them, however, even those who find stardom from being social media influencers or viral sensations don’t have it easy.

We’ve witnessed people like Lil Nas X go from “Old Town Road” to breaking records once held by unmovable icons while others, like Akbar V, are still waiting for their moment.

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A post shared by Akbar V (@bigmamatalk)

Akbar V has become a recognized figure from her stint on Love & Hip Hop or her unfiltered posts online, but today (November 2), she was candid about the struggles she is facing about the future of her Rap career.

“I’m losing faith in my dream …  and it’s f*cking with,” Akbar tweeted. “I’m just praying God move for me … cause this all i ever wanted.” She also added, “The sh*t so frustrating… Man all i ever wanted was to rap that’s it Rap ….let me rap @funkflex i need to come rap…. This sh*t will make u want to give up when u feel they not believing or working hard for u.”

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A post shared by Akbar V (@bigmamatalk)

The Shade Room reposted the tweets and soon, the public flooded the comments with their takes on why Akbar isn’t as successful as she’s hoped. There were mentions of her online antics, including that scathing spat with Alexis Skyy and her fights with Tommie Lee, but Akbar returned in the comments with a response.

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“Everybody with they opinions….. is kind of crazy [crying laughing emoji] but I’m thankful that none of u people is God [wink kiss heart emoji] and for the ones saying i can’t rap Chile ion even respond to that type of foolishness.” 

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