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Moni Grace – TIPSY

Moni Grace – TIPSY

TIPSY” is a new release from Moni Grace. One thing there isn’t a shortage of is new music, but one thing there is a shortage of is great creative music. Music that stands out from everything else you hear, that you can feel in your soul as you are engulfed in the musical experience they bring to the world, to make it a more enjoyable place to be. That type of music is what shines the most about Moni Grace’s latest release “TIPSY“.

Listen to “TIPSY” by Moni Grace.

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Artist Spotlight

Sub Lights – “Strange New Breed”

Sub Lights

The New York City duo Sub Lights (Stephen & Meredith Duncan) returns with a brand new track together called “Strange New Breed”. The Image has maintained a rise to the top by continuously feeding its fans with quality music. In addition to making great music, The Image creates eye-catching content for their followers to enjoy at a consistent rate.

“Strange New Breed” is a masterful body of work that keeps on giving. It is easy listening to the fullest, with a great sound that lets you drop your subjectivity to just enjoy the magic in the music that makes for an experience you’ll be running back to for time to come.

Stream here:

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Artist Spotlight

Deezy Baby 971 – “Don’t Fuck Wit Tha Kid”

Deezy Baby 971

Deezy Baby 971 shares a new single “Don’t Fuck Wit Tha Kid”. This is by far the hottest single of the Summer. The talented artist brings his big boss energy in this thrilling single while showcasing his vocals and versatility with catchy hooks that carry the instrumentals to create the perfect sound.

He truly gives his all and works like a master on this new song that you feel in every way. The production sets the tone with a strong emotive touch that he fits perfectly, with him using his great songwriting and creative flow to approach, to make a genius level connection with the listener that you feel to your core for every second he delivers.

Stream Here:

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