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MP3: Omarion Ft. Ghostface Killah – I Ain’t Even Done

Omarion I Ain’t Even Done Mp3 Omarion Ft. Ghostface Killah drop a new song titled   “I Ain’t Even Done”  and it right here for your fast download. Listen & Download Omarion…

Omarion I Ain’t Even Done Mp3

Omarion Ft. Ghostface Killah drop a new song titled   “I Ain’t Even Done”  and it right here for your fast download.

Listen & Download Omarion Ft. Ghostface Killah – I Ain’t Even Done Below: 


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See Your Shadow Collects Hits Onto One Album “From His Mind”

See Your Shadow Songwriting brings together talented people to create true musical artistry which stands the test of time. Their new retrospective album titled ‘From His Mind’ is out now.

See Your Shadow Songwriting (SYS) is a hub of musical talent. The venture brings together talented artists from across the country to create music that is truly memorable and spans many genres. The new retrospective album from SYS titled ‘From His Mind’ celebrates the legacy of SYS under the guardianship of Artistic Director Michael Coleman aka ‘The Metropolitan Cowboy’. The new double album brings back all the iconic SYS songs, this includes songs that have charted high on American and international music charts, songs that have caused controversy in the media due to their boundary-breaking themes, songs which showcase the innovation See Your Shadow has become known for and songs that hold personal value to Michael Coleman.

A spokesperson for SYS made an official press statement “SYS is focused on leveraging musical acumen from all across the country and channeling it in a way that creates iconic and celebrated songs. Be it any genre or any underlying theme, Artistic Director Michael Coleman is always pushing the boundaries and breaking down barriers.”

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The spokesperson further added “SYS is a collaborative effort that celebrates diversity and gives talented musicians and vocalists an opportunity for national and international success. From chart toppers and international hits to some of the earliest songs in our repertoire, ‘From His Mind’ is a true reflection of SYS’s musical journey to date and gives real insight into the leadership and level of talent of our Artistic Director.”

The retrospective ‘From His Mind’ features all five chart toppers SYS has had including the award-winning international breakout single ‘I Will Tell Jesus You Said Hello’. The album also contains one of the very first song SYS had on regular radio rotation ‘Ancient History’, the controversial LGBTQA dance track about oral sex, ‘Rug Burn’, and the very first ever country western hip hop song, ‘Like a Kid Again’. The dynamic double album features 28 tracks in total.

More details about See Your Shadow Songwriting (SYS) can be seen on their official website at

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Pamela Hopkins is a “Straight Shooter” On Latest Single

The Little Rock, AR singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist is known for her storytelling and signature powerhouse country sound. “Straight Shooter” is out on July 29th, 2022.

Pamela Hopkins is a quintessential country music artist who always offers something new and fun with their music. With her last single release, “One Too Many,” Little Rock’s country music powerhouse Pamela Hopkins enjoyed another Top 5 international iTunes country chart hit. The single also proved to be Pamela’s biggest radio hit to date, reaching #7 on the National Radio Hits AC40 chart. The 75K Spotify streams the song has enjoyed has brought Pamela’s catalog close to 2 million streams on the platform.

Continuing her trend of creating a tasteful blend of classic and modern country music, her new single, “Straight Shooter” is due for release on Friday, July 29th, 2022. Co-written by Hopkins, Sarah Morey and Erin McCaffrey, the new song shares anecdotes from Pamela’s career as a club performer and how she effectively handles men who approach her:

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“This song has a been a long time coming,” says Pamela. “Working in a bar/club performing week after week, I am approached a lot, and I have to be (a) straight (shooter) with people about my relationship status because people can come on really strong—it also usually comes with, ‘can I buy you a drink?’ So we put the 2 concepts together because I generally only drink shots of Skrewball Peanut Butter Whiskey—not that fruity stuff, beer, or wine,  This idea of the double meaning for ‘Straight Shooter’ seemed like the perfect fit for me.  This was a really fun co-write with Sarah Morey and Erin McCaffrey.  They were great co-writers for me on this idea, I feel like there are a lot of people who can relate!”

ABOUT PAMELA HOPKINS: Little Rock, Arkansas native Pamela Hopkins is a powerhouse singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist. Hopkins has topped the international iTunes sales charts 5 times. Her music videos have received accolades at film festivals around the globe. Pamela is a Josie Music Awards winner and a three-time 2022 Arkansas Country Music Awards nominee. Pamela regularly performs in piano bars, Norwegian Cruise Ships and clubs across the US. She recently performed for US troops in Alaska. Pamela is sponsored by Skrewball Peanut Butter Whiskey. More details about Pamela Hopkins and her discography can be seen at

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