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Biography of An Artist, Fabrice Louissaint, DJ Fab



He is DJ Fab as his stage name. His real name is Fabrice Louissaint, originally from Everett, MA and have lived in NC and MD for his high school years. Music has always been a part of his life, but never thought of it as a profession until he started Djing for the city of Boston. He is just close to 27 years old.

He started taking music seriously in his junior year of college where he started off working at a club downtown Boston and saw other DJs which ultimately pushed him to become a DJ. He then started doing smaller venues around the state.

DJ Fab provide DJ services all around for many clients and specialize in all categories of music such as Hip Hop, Reggaeton, Dancehall, Top 40, EDM, and more. He is always proud of the fact that his working hard to really build this brand for himself and wants people to know his abilities worldwide. He’s always being productive and devotes everything to what he does and what he loves.

The practice hours he had put in reflected in his play and put him in the eyes of promoters. That had given him the opportunity to spin. Some of these companies include PrittyUgly Media, MVP Entertainment, 6one7, 1120, Get Right and more.

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He gained success in the industry, having the opportunity to DJ for the biggest venues such as Bijou Nightclub, Icon, Venu as well as DJing celebrity hosted events. He had the opportunity to be a part of events such as YG’s album release party, The DJ Esco Cruise, Patriots ring ceremony and more.

Being a DJ has connected him with extremely talented artists from the city being able to do artist showcases as well. Nelly is a DJ who was the very first one who taught him what he needed to do and is very thankful to Nelly for that opportunity that was given him. One of his best friends Ben Kiley (DJ BKay) taught him even more and has really shaped him into the type of DJ that he is today.


Recently, he started producing and had the opportunity to drop a project with Boston Artist Treva Holmes titled “Cold Nights“. In this project, they wanted to give the city a R&B project that anyone can feel starting from the first to the last song. The album comprises a total of 11 tracks which were all produced by DJ Fab.

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The lead single of that album is “Wait in Line “which has the official music video on YouTube and is out now. DJ Fab is working with other artists as well and he is hoping to secure a major placement in the near future. DJ Fab also had produced a track off of Treva Holmes recent album titled “Head Above Water” which he had produced as the “Intro“ track.

There are many things that he hope to accomplish such as working with various artists, DJ at other venues in different states and working for a major label on the business side. It is still very early in his career. DJ Fab is ever grateful for the support, opportunities, and future success that will follow.


DJ Fab is strongly supported by his family.

He is always very thankful to have them in his life and they even open doors for him also. His mother Dinna who is hard working supports what he always wanted to do and has always steered him in the right direction to become the person that he is today. He has two sisters Breah and Valerie who are always his biggest supporters. They help him enjoy what he does a lot more. Everyone in his family had contributed to making him a very confident and strong-willed person. There are really so many people that supported him and really wish him to be successful.  They deserve a huge thank you. Without everyone, none of these would be possible.

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Future prospect for DJ Fab is high. There’s likely an achievement awards awaiting him. He is focused on his projects and family support for him.

Honk Magazine is watching with kin interest. DJ Fab will go places.


Contact Info:


Phone: 508-840-6293


Instagram: @the_djfab

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