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Crystal Drake Delivers A ‘Snowburst’ of Holiday Spirit In Her Christmas Classics EP

Snowburst is the soul-pop artist’s decadent interpretation of four iconic holiday classics; Drake stays true to their traditional roots while invigorating them with a modern flare.

Chicago based soul-pop artist Crystal Drake makes her mark on the holiday season with her jubilant Christmas Classics EP, Snowburst, out November 19th. Her undeniably sultry, comforting vocals take the spotlight on this project; she breathes charisma, joy, and nostalgia into every track with her refined style and delivery. From the jazzy groove on “Santa Claus Is Comin’ To Town” to the pristine harmonies on “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing,” Drake has something for everyone on this EP. For the Chicago native, these songs represent beloved holiday traditions. She says, “these carols and the accompanying annual holiday preparations bring a sense of seasonality to our days, attuning us to the rhythm of our lives”. Snowburst is a gorgeous recount of Drake’s most sentimental Holiday favorites that reminds listeners of the magic that makes this the most wonderful time of the year.

Stream ‘Snowburst’ on all major streaming platforms on November 19th.

The four track EP is a collection of deeply loved christmas tunes including “Santa Claus Is Comin’ To Town,” “O Holy Night,” “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing,” and “Auld Lang Syne.” Listeners can expect a dazzling introduction on “Santa Claus Is Comin’ To Town” with the simple, keys and bass led arrangement behind Drake’s impressive, buttery display of vocal finesse. On “O Holy Night,” delicate strings and keys caress Drake’s glimmering vocals before delay-kissed, staccato synths embellish the track. The second half of the carol’s production blossoms into a masterfully composed classical + pop fusion that will undoubtedly catch the listener’s attention. Drake mesmerizes fans with her pitch perfect harmonies on “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing,” and quickly transitions to the enticing pop production layered behind the classic “Auld Lang Syne” to finish the project. She says, “[her] intention with this EP was to honor the melodies and historic integrity of the songs while modernizing them with phrasing and vocal arranging.” The final product delivered to listeners achieves this and so much more.

More about Crystal Drake:

Crystal Drake is a soul pop singer whose earthy vocals have been described as “refined” and “emotionally charged.” Her powerfully earnest singing borrows from gospel and soul traditions. Crystal’s songwriting is thoughtful, grounded and moving. “We all need a little push to believe, to appreciate, to listen and to love.” Her soulful voice nudges us to feel and remember that we are divine.


Ashley Puckett Holds Nothing Back on “Tequila”

A woozy, dazed quality emerges on Ashley Puckett’s yearning “Tequila”. From the slide guitar to the gritty storytelling it all works. She manages to make this rather captivating world one that feels doubly refreshing. Everything about her delivery adds to the inherent beauty of the piece. Rhythms go for a looseness ensuring that every single detail gets accentuated with percussion that works on an emotional level. Best of all the riffs have a dreamy disposition for there is this sense of pure longing that defines the work.

She holds nothing back and right from the beginning it has its own sense of purpose. A groove has an unsteadiness to it, perfectly embodying what a lot of tequila might do to a person. This, on top of the lustful glances that she brings into the fray, further adds to the romantic quality of the work. Volume adds to this for the piece virtually works itself into an outright crescendo. Many different parts of the group makes sure to intermingle creating this vast expanse of territory, the kind of thing that feels quite potent. For the final stretch of the mix the song seemingly tapers off, allowing for a gradual letdown of that kinetic energy, with her voice continuing to lead the way all until the very final moments.

“Tequila” has a tenderness to it, for Ashley Puckett makes sure to touch upon the very essence of what it means to truly want.

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Valid and Stretch Money share bouncy single, “Sentimental”

Detroit heavyweights Valid and Stretch Money have shared a bouncy new single called “Sentimental”. With nearly a million streams worldwide, historic collaborations, and songs that have impacted the city of Detroit, solo artists Valid & Stretch Money have joined forces to release “Sentimental”. Executive produced by platinum-credited Grammy Award-winning DJ Head of Shady Records and Grammy-Award- winning engineer Anthony Rizzo. “Sentimental” is sure to turn heads and surprise the core audience of both MCs. Their latest track is an all-out affair of vivid sonics, infectious vocals, and versatile songwriting that blends influences from 80’s electropop, hip-hop and more, making for a joint that provides heavy replay value while keeping things authentic throughout.

“Sentimental” demonstrates much poise and focus in its songwriting, demonstrated throughout catchy rap verses that pair smoothly with a sharply-crafted chorus. Valid, Stretch Money, and Kerr sound natural and effortless atop Cross’ vivid production, as they ride the synth-laden, bouncy beat with ease. “Sentimental” is a track that can suit a wide range of moods and settings, as well as appeal to a broad audience of listeners, and it makes for a diverse and refreshing offering. Take a listen to “Sentimental” below and tap in with these Detroit emcees.

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