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David De La Rosa (Molt) Is Ready To Make An Impact In The Music Industry

David De La Rosa (Molt) is ready to make an impact in the music industry. David De La Rosa, the young singer/songwriter from Norwalk, California wants to leave behind a legacy completely his own. He is simply a man that loves music. You can see how passionate he is about his craft just by scrolling through his Instagram feed. From a young age, he was always experimenting with different instruments, trying to create new melodies from scratch.

David De La Rosa was greatly influenced by and looked up to his cousin’s CDs while visiting his family. He was instantly gripped, he knew he wanted to play guitar. He spent that whole summer listening to Hendrix. Eventually, his parents bought him a guitar,  He wanted the same gear as Hendrix so he picked out a Fender Stratocaster, this is the guitar he still uses and is pretty much on every recording to date. 

David De La Rosa has been busy perfecting his talent and has also released three new singles “Sand” “Another Moon” and “Trace” for an upcoming album “Lights” that I will be released in Winter 2021. 

“The album is about loss, grief, anxiety, self-loathing, and isolation things that I think a lot of people battle with, myself its something that has always been a challenge, especially the last couple of years, Music has been my way of coping with this, I try my best to turn the darkness into light.”

Lights” is a perfect showcase of what David De La Rosa has to offer as an artist. The album puts forth David’s exceptional vocals and guitar-playing abilities. Being an independent artist David does it all to put this masterpiece of a jam together. Expect the same if not better-quality music going forward from this soon-to-be celebrity.

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