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DJ Superior Jay is Making an Impression in The Music Industry

DJ Superior Jay turned DJ’ing into a full-fledged career.

DJ Superior Jay was born in New Jersey, and raised in Florida. This young artist has some amazing talents which are helping him to make his mark in the industry. Superior Jay is not only an amazing DJ but also a remarkable upcoming hip-hop artist and producer. The love for music started at an early age with having a DJ for a father and a host of singers in the family. His creative connection to music comes from beats he listens to, and dance moves but back then it was all for fun.

He gives credit to how far he has come now and his unwavering hustle to his two idols, Kyrie Irving which he admires for his sense of humbleness and success, and the powerful DJ Diamond Kuts for the time, effort, and grind that she puts in.

As the years passed, Superior Jay began taking DJ’ing and dancing more seriously, making his official mark on the world in 2016. His unique skills made people dance and enjoy the events. DJ Superior Jay did not just stop there. He worked hard on his skills consistently, which is the reason he is booking different gigs all-around from the north to the south ends of Jersey. 


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He created an international platform for himself over the years, but home is where the heart is. To become a successful artist, he has faced various challenges, but the toughest one is panic attacks. However, with the amount of courage and confidence he has in himself, he has not only faced his fears, but today he is an inspiration for many young artists. 

In 2020 Superior Jay welcomed a baby boy with his girlfriend of 4 years of relationship which only fueled his passion even further. At the age of 22, Superior Jay is far from his prime but has the talent to make it as big and as far as he desires.

Many people maybe new to his name DJ Superior Jay, but there is one thing the world needs to take from this article about Superior, it is that his style is unmatched. He does this for the people, the way he mixes the music and blends is done specifically with the listener in mind. He can take anyone’s favorite song, add a club beat and serve you an entirely new track that is guaranteed to rock your body. This path has been long but worth it and from the mouth of the man himself far from over. 

You can know more about him through his social media account. 


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