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Doja Cat Attempts To Start The “Choke Me” Challenge

Ever since first turning heads in the video for her breakout single “Juicy,” Doja Cat has proven herself to be a master at building a social media presence. One glance at her Instagram reveals the well-rounded mind behind the madness, delivering thirst-traps one moment and hilariously self-deprecating comedy the next. Sometimes, she combines the best of both worlds, as she most recently did with her invention of the ominously named “Choke Me” challenge.



“Aight I’m sorry I know I been wilin but I wanted to make a challenge cuz I’m bored as fuck fuck u,” she writes, signaling her intentions. As for the challenge itself, it seems relatively simple — bust a vaguely seductive move while implementing a grotesque face-swap application of your choosing. There isn’t exactly an official rulebook to parse through here.

For the record, she certainly picked a classic tune for the occasion. Should you be unfamiliar, the song in question is “Choke Me Spank Me Pull My Hair” by Xzibit, produced by Dr. Dre, available for your listening pleasure on his 2002 album Man Vs. Machine. On that note, X to the Z was flattered to be included, shouting Doja out on his own Instagram page. “Thanks, I had no idea there was a #chokemechallenge …..glad I could provide the sounds,” writes X, alongside a co-sign from the legendary DJ Quik.

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What do you think — will Doja Cat’s quirky challenge stick? We can certainly hope, if only to see Xzibit’s triple-X banger find its way to a brand new audience.



Beyond the Spotlight: Top Model Eva Zuk’s Philanthropic Journey

The world knows Eva Zuk as an enchanting presence on the runway and a formidable figure in the fashion industry, but there’s much more to her captivating story than meets the eye. Beneath the surface, Eva is a woman of boundless compassion and dedication to serving others. This article aims to illuminate her less-known, yet profoundly inspiring philanthropic journey.

Eva Zuk is more than a face in fashion or a titan in the diamond trade; she is a beacon of hope for many, continually extending her support to those in need. This piece explores the depth of her charitable endeavors, providing an intimate view of the heart that beats beneath her stunning exterior.

Eva’s philanthropic journey is marked by numerous associations with charitable organizations, including significant contributions to the SNF Development Center. This non-profit organization aids disabled individuals, providing support, services, and a sense of community. Eva has dedicated her time, resources, and influence to furthering the noble cause of this organization.

Her support for the SNF Development Center is not just a monetary endeavor. Eva regularly involves herself in their initiatives, advocating for their cause on various platforms. She has used her status as a top influencer to raise awareness about the challenges faced by disabled individuals and to highlight the importance of equal opportunities and inclusion for everyone.

Beyond her association with SNF, Eva’s generous spirit has found expression in multiple ways. She has consistently used her powerful voice to advocate for the underprivileged, tirelessly working towards creating a more equitable society. Her dedication to these causes has led to numerous accolades, including the Miss Beauty Dubai and Top Influencer awards. However, for Eva, the real reward lies in the smiles she has helped put on countless faces.

Eva’s philanthropy is not limited to structured charities and organizations. Her acts of kindness often span informal settings as well. From providing financial aid to individuals in crisis to volunteering her time and expertise where needed, her commitment to charity is a testament to her empathetic heart.

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As an influencer, Eva has also used her platform to bring attention to global crises. Whether it’s disaster relief, education for girls, or climate change, Eva is no stranger to the frontlines of change. She leverages her considerable reach to effect positive change, proving that she is not just a fashion icon but a humanitarian icon as well.

Eva’s benevolent endeavors extend to her professional sphere too. In the glitzy world of real estate and diamond trading, she upholds ethical standards and transparency. Her commitment to sustainable and responsible practices further underscores her philanthropic ethos.

Despite her soaring career in fashion and business, Eva continues to prioritize her charitable work. It’s an integral part of who she is and serves as an example to many in the public eye. Her continuous support and advocacy for charitable causes have not only made a significant difference in many lives but also added a remarkable dimension to her persona, which is usually characterized by her professional achievements.

Eva’s story is a powerful reminder that one can blend success with generosity, a glamorous lifestyle with a deep sense of social responsibility. As she navigates her path, she continues to uplift others, extending her hand to those in need, even as she reaches new heights in her career.

All in all, Eva Zuk is not just a fashion maven, influencer, or entrepreneur. She is a woman with a golden heart, whose philanthropic deeds have touched countless lives. Her compassionate endeavors offer a refreshing glimpse into the life of a woman who is beautiful inside and out. As we continue to be captivated by her professional exploits, let’s also draw inspiration from her charitable journey, which speaks volumes about her character and her commitment to making a difference.

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Jeyaia – “No Love”

Jeyaia makes special audio that creates the ultimate bliss on the new song “No Love”. The fresh approach works wonders, from the first few seconds that grab you in and let you know, this isn’t something you come across every day. Each aspect of the song makes it remarkable, with a sound in the production that feels good to hear, and the amazing vocal performance that sounds like it was truly meant to be on this record to make it a complete masterpiece, as the writing comes to life for us all to enjoy.

Jeyaia’s “No Love” is a true one-of-a-kind record that encompasses the art that music will forever be. It’s that special music that can’t be put in any one box, as it truly is a work of art that stands apart from anything you’ve heard before to make its own experience that’s enjoyable to dive into. If you love good creative music this is easily a must-hear song that you need to hear now.

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Listen to “No Love” by Jeyaia

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