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Doja Cat Insults Fans Complaining About Her Partying With Kendall Jenner

Back when the COVID-19 outbreak had just started getting serious in North America, Doja Cat told the world that she was not afraid of catching the virus

“I’m gonna get a Corona cause I don’t give a fuck about Corona[virus], bitch. It’s a flu,” said Doja back in March. 

Cooper Neill/Getty Images

Apparently, after catching the virus in July, she still doesn’t care about the pandemic because, this weekend, she was spotted at Kendall Jenner’s massive Halloween party. Hundreds of people were in attendance, disregarding social distancing rules and pretending as though 230,000 Americans haven’t died from COVID-19 in the last eight months

Doja Cat has faced a lot of criticism about her stance on the pandemic, including for her attendance at Kendall’s party and, this week, she decided to fight back (before deleting all of the evidence).

“Lol everyone’s mad at everybody,” wrote Doja on Twitter, referring to the backlash from the party. As fans began asking her to apologize for making light of the pandemic, something snapped in the rapper and she felt it was the right move to insult her fans.

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“You can suck my fuckin rod if that’s what you meant to say,” she said to one person. “Shut the fuck up hag”, she said to another fan calling her out for attacking her supporters.

She went on to claim that she had taken four COVID-19 tests this week and that she doesn’t need to take accountability for partying.

“LMAO accountability for taking 4 different tests in one week?!?!?!!?!????” she responded to someone. “Bitch get the fuck outta here you fuckin nerd. Sorry that you’re too lazy to get fuckin tested slob.”

Wow… the tweets have been deleted but, you would think that someone with her platform would show respect to the people who have been struggling through this pandemic. Not everybody has been able to party like she has. Some live with immunosuppressed individuals. Others are being cautious to not infect family members and friends. But… go off?


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Promising New Artist Taydem Shoesmith To Release Debut Single On New Year’s Eve

The singer-songwriter, actress and performer will release the electro-pop single “Are You Clapping?” just in time for New Year’s playlists.

With an affinity for music from a very young age, Taydem Shoesmith has been exploring songwriting for quite some time. Having multiple IMDB acting and composing credits to her name, Taydem is now diving into the pop music market with her debut single, “Are You Clapping?” The electro-pop/dance anthem, written by Shoesmith, comes from a very personal place; one she hopes will connect with listeners:

‘I think this is my first song that was written out of anger,” Taydem recalls. “I remember writing in my lyric book about how frustrated I was with the people around me and society in general. We think we have to act like the perfect person when we talk to people or go on dates. We’re kind of setting ourselves up for failure because we’re acting like someone we think they want to be with. I mean, it makes sense because in the past, relationships weren’t about love or connections. They were basically just business deals. I guess I just got to the point of wondering why I was doing this. Why were people telling me to talk more, smile more, flirt better, don’t be boring, etc, so often, when it came to relationships. Because not only was it exhausting to keep that facade up, I was also disappointed in myself for basically faking who I was, just to catch some guy’s attention. So through this song, I’m saying that I’m done putting up a show.   Having confidence in the choices we make is very important, no matter if it’s in relationships, jobs, or life in general. And that is the message I hope people will take away from this song.”

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From singer-songwriter to pop and alternative, Taydem’s music is a unique amalgamation of different genres and influences. Her musical inspirations include Michael Jackson, Rascal Flatts, Billie Holiday, Sabrina Carpenter, Camila Cabello and more. Her acting debut was in 2020, when she was cast for a role in the short film “In the Dark.” She has been cast as the lead in multiple films, and has created music for films as well; one of those being a theme song for a short series, “Blood Sisters.”

More details about Taydem Shoesmith can be seen at

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Pop/R&B Singer Jen Ash Overcomes Toxic Relationship With Cathartic Single

Jen Ash is a Top 5 UK iTunes charting artist and former pro basketball player. Her latest single is “No Lover Lover.”

Relationships are sometimes distractions, and they take us on a path that is not ours to take, and we lose focus of what our true desires are.”

— Jen Ash

With her single, “Crush On You,” former pro basketball player-turned-R&B Singer-songwriter Jen Ash exploded onto the international music landscape. The single leaped into the UK iTunes R&B Songs Top 5, while gaining 29K Spotify streams. All totaled, the Lebanon-born, France-raised artist has over 5K monthly Spotify listeners and over 100K plays on the platform.

Now, Jen Ash is releasing her most personal track to date. “No Lover Lover” is a cathartic song for Jen, tackling an issue that is sure to hit home with many.

“I’ve experienced a very toxic relationship, and I did not realize it,” she said. The wake-up call was when he did not show up at my first show, nor was he supportive of my art, being jealous of my creativity and not being enthusiastic about my success. He was trying to discourage me every step of the way. I let him go and honestly… I felt miserable. I really thought I couldn’t live without him, but I discovered that it was actually quite the opposite. The doors started to open for me as soon as he was gone. Relationships are sometimes distractions, and they take us on a path that is not ours to take, and we lose focus of what our true desires are.”

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She further added, “Breakups end up being blessings most of the time. ‘No Lover Lover’ is about me feeling like a weight has been lifted. [I am] feeling finally free, finding myself being totally fine on my own.”

More info about Jen Ash can be seen at

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