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Eunice Kennedy Shriver Wore Her Grandmother’s Dior Wedding Dress to Get Married in Miami

After a week of non-stop rain, the skies were blue as the bride rode to church in a 1965 Lincoln Continental convertible….

Eunice Kennedy Shriver was originally supposed to marry Michael “Mikey” Serafin Garcia in front of 200 guests. But about two months before the wedding, due to the pandemic, they decided to significantly pare the guest list back to their immediate families. “We both have large immediate families,” Eunice notes. “So siblings, their families, and our parents alone made for 32 guests. We were hoping things would have eased by October, but we came to the realization that [with] the way things were, it didn’t feel right to ask guests to travel to Florida or do a larger event, especially if it wasn’t going to be the way we envisioned.” 

Eunice is the manager of art and experimental brand development at Best Buddies International, an organization founded by her father, Anthony Shriver, which is dedicated to helping people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. She’s also the granddaughter of Eunice Kennedy Shriver, whom she was named after. Mikey is the president and CEO of Ocean Automotive Group, a luxury car dealership.

Like so many other engaged couples being forced to pivot their plans right now, Eunice and Mikey ran into obstacles given the constantly changing policies surrounding COVID-19. “We were supposed to have our reception at another restaurant’s private dining room, but then the capacity laws and regulations changed so we had to find a new venue for the reception a month before the wedding,” Eunice explains. “For a few days, the restrictions for indoor seating at restaurants changed daily in Miami. The back and forth was difficult to keep up with. Even within the month of our wedding, there were a few major changes due to the regulations.”

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To help guide them through it all, the couple worked with Annie Lee of Daughter of Design, which they booked through her new platform, Plannie. “At the beginning, we thought we needed a larger package,” Eunice explains. “But when we scaled our event size down to more of a dinner party for our families, we realized working with a planner by the hour instead of a package made more sense for our micro wedding.”

In the lead up to the wedding, it rained every day for almost a week. But on Saturday, October 17th, the skies were clear blue. “I think my grandmother wanted to make sure I got to ride in her convertible,” Eunice says. The baby blue 1965 Lincoln Continental that served as the bride’s transportation to the church was originally gifted to Eunice’s grandmother from her grandfather—Eunice’s father has kept it in pristine working condition.

Early that afternoon, Eunice walked down the aisle at St. Patrick’s Catholic Church, escorted by her father, wearing her grandmother’s Dior wedding dress. “My grandmother wore it at her wedding to my grandfather on May 23, 1953, and 67 years later, I wore it to marry Mikey,” Eunice says. “The dress has aged into a French vanilla ivory, and there are a few holes in it, but I didn’t care.” The bride and her grandmother happened to be the same height and have the same size waist, so the dress fit perfectly. Eunice worked with Ever After Miami to help restore it and create a new matching bodice and ivory veil. “The dress was as delicate as tissue paper,” Eunice says. “So we had to handle it with great care. I was afraid to even sit!” Mikey wore a Brioni tuxedo and bowtie and Tom Ford shoes for the occasion, and the bride’s two younger sisters, Chessy and Carolina, served as co-maids of honor in matching blue Jay Godfrey bridesmaid dresses.

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The ceremony was held at the Catholic church that Eunice’s family has attended every Sunday for her entire life—the place where she served as an altar server for 15 years and where the clergy have known her family for decades. “There was never a question as to where the ceremony would be,” Eunice says. “We had a traditional Catholic wedding with a full mass. Our families only filled the first few pews, but the mostly empty church was filled with music.”

“Although technically masks and social distancing are not required in places of worship in Florida, St. Patrick’s is very safety conscious and placed distance markings down the aisle and only let our family take their masks off for the processional,” Eunice explains. “Red tape every six feet down the aisle wasn’t exactly my vision, but it’s part of having a wedding in 2020. The church clergy has been at the bedside of many patients in hospitals and take the pandemic quite seriously.”

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“It might have looked physically empty in the church with only 32 guests,” Mikey adds. “But the energy of that day filled the room. It was the best moment of my life. As I walked down the aisle with my mom, and then watched Eunice walk in with her dad, it was tough to hold in my tears. She was the most beautiful bride ever. Throughout the ceremony, I made sure to soak in every moment with her, until eventually walking out with a permanent smile for the rest of the evening.”

Afterwards, the couple took family photos at the church as well as outside with the convertible. Then the father of the bride drove the newlyweds to the Four Seasons Surf Club for the reception. “After our family dinner, I surprised Mikey by having a handful of our closest friends come to the Four Seasons Surf Club,” Eunice says. “Mikey is Mr. Social, and the small wedding was not his dream. I knew how much it would mean to him to see some of our closest friends to celebrate.”

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4 Great Tips On Putting Together Outfits From Your Closet

Outfits From Your Closet

The colorful world of clothing gives us certain confidence. Maybe it is not eye-catching enough to wear, but it is not difficult to wear clean and natural clothes. For example, pick a jumpsuit that works for you. This simple combination is the most versatile Wholesale baby Clothes you can wear. But instead of dressing like this, how else can you put together your clothes?

• Tip 1- Color Matching: Light And Dark
Bright and dark are two colors in general, and bright refers to bright colors such as white, bright red, and this year’s yellow and camel colors. Dark is the color that points to sedate a bit deeper, for instance, navy blue, blackish green still has of course invincible and all-match black. Look at those good-looking street photos, without exception, the color is coordinated, and the overall light and shade are appropriate, that is, a little bright, a little dark. So your suit collocation can pay attention to the shade of color collocation. For example, you can wear a white dress with black wholesale leggings for more visual harmony.

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• Tip 2- Material: Hard And Soft
The so-called hard does not mean the material is hard to the touch (hard is armor), but the visual look of crisp, solid, such as leather, jeans, suit fabrics, and so on. Soft, really soft, soft down, soft waxy wool, soft chiffon, cotton T-shirt these are soft materials.

• Tip 3- Style: Cool And Sweet
Wearing nice clothes is only a combination of low order, and further, wear your own style, that is the high fashion of high order. For example, the unisex pilot embroidered jacket has been a hit in the last two years, so it’s fair to say everyone has one. It’s supposed to be a pantsuit, so cool that you don’t have a boyfriend, but have you ever worn a chiffon dress? Wearing high heels is also very harmonious, gentle and beautiful chiffon long dress has become handsome.

• Tip 4- Habit: A Little New, a Little Old
It’s human nature to love the new, but the “old” clothes in your closet have so much personal baggage that they can be more comfortable to wear. Old clothes do not directly mean that they have been worn many times, but more importantly, basic items with a high frequency of use. Therefore, I will pay more attention to quality in the selection of basic protective items. With the “old” basic style plus the latest fashionable clothes, the whole body is not too hard, of course, this will be more comfortable, but also more suitable for their own.

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We all need to dress appropriately because people judge us by what we wear. They don’t judge us by what we say or what we think. That’s why fashion is so important. Today, society places a lot of pressure on concepts that seem irrelevant. In certain cases, this may be true. For example, in terms of our values, how we look doesn’t matter. But it’s important in other areas of our lives. So it is very important to master the right style to wear.


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Exclusive Style: 2022 Streetwear Brand You Need To Know-Til The End Clothing

With the New Year here, streetwear  junkies are on the lookout for emerging talented brands. While the street industry is competitive ranging from new generation trends to avant-garde corporate designers, Til The End goes above placing self expression and community building at the forefront of their company.

This New York standout brand came out of the pandemic and has been dropping non stop heat in the street wear industry.

“Til The End” went global during the 2020 year catching the attention of those  worldwide. The meaning “to the ones we lost” is the movement the company is based on, remembering those we lost and representing for them “til the end” sparked community interest in support of the brand. Aside from the average start up brands these days with the same watered down hustle inspiration.

TTE stands out from the rest with their top quality pieces featuring new drops almost every month most recently tracksuits to custom windbreakers and everything in between. They have a wide selection of unisex garments and even a kids line supposedly dropping this month.

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Similar to the legendary FUBU start up, TTE targeted the hip hop industry which got them a shout out from New York’s own “Jadakiss” and have been doing collaborations with rap artists such as the successful rap veteran “TOP NINJA” who is also a New York original. Currently, Til The End will be sponsoring in support of upcoming artist “Hudson Redwater” with music by DJ Drewski at S.O.B address 204 Varick Street this Wednesday 2/16 in New York City.

Doors open @7:30 p.m.

Below are the contact details and social media pages from where you can connect to this New York based brand.

Official website:

Instagram Page:



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