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Firming Coffee-Infused Body Scrubs to Give Your Skin a Major Glow-Up

We rely on caffeine to wake us up, but it turns out it has much more to offer us. …

Many of us rely on our daily caffeine fix to jump-start or day (or perks us up after a post-lunch slump come late afternoon), but your daily dose of java not only offers a boost in energy, focus, and mental stamina, but it can also give your skin some pretty stellar benefits as well. While caffeine-infused skin and body care formulas aren’t miracle workers that blast away common “concerns” like cellulite and enhanced texture, it can give your skin improved circulation by bringing blood to the surface for a more radiant and imperfection-free effect.

Not to get overly science-focused up in here, but caffeine is a vasoconstrictor and diuretic that increases circulation, meaning that it’s able to tighten blood vessels and can, therefore, assist with expelling moisture retention. You may notice that many anti-aging skincare serums, eye creams, and moisturizers also contain caffeine as an active ingredient, and that’s because it’s also widely used to de-puff swollen areas on the face and to create a “filler” effect in areas that may appear more hollow thanks to the natural signs of aging. Check out of our favorite invigorating coffee-based body scrubs to give your skin a sleek, luminous, and firmed effect.

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