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Florida Native, Yung Booz making big moves in rap game!

Sanford, Florida native, Yung Booz, is making massive waves on the local rap scene! Born Darius Wooden, Yung Booz was born and raised in Sanford or more affectionately known as Bowkey. It is one of the oldest cities in the state and is home to an explosive rap scene. Yung Booz spent the majority of his life enamored by the culture and fell in love with the world of music. As soon as he heard bar after bar of words entangled to become one melody, he knew that was his destiny.


He found influence in fellow Florida rapper who became a household name, Kodak Black. He also found inspiration in Tyler Perry who not only elevated himself, but those around him. Yung Booz found his closest idol in his cousin who received a record deal with Slip-N-Slide records. Unfortunately he was incarcerated before he could begin his career, but the sheer motivation was enough for Yung Booz to see this did not have to be just a dream. He has made it his personal mission to overcome the negativity that hovers around him and turn it all into positives with relatable lyrics.


He encourages prolonged learning for everyone, whether they are a CEO or a janitor. Yung Booz believes one never stops learning, hence becoming the best version of themselves. He educates himself by staying in tune with social media and connecting with his fans. Distro Kid, Facebook, and Soundcloud are the three platforms he has taken the time to know and undeniably love. Paired with the love for social media, he also makes sure to stay loyal to his mother, kids, and extended family. He knows his music is what will push them forward and only hopes to continue to make them proud along the way.


These days, Yung Booz is making his stamp with the well known, ‘Big Ape Family’! Accompanied by his creative producer, DJ Da Don, he is releasing single after single of hits everyone can relate to. He has established himself as a budding newcomer, opening for monumental acts such as The Dream and Young Thug. In the future, he is looking to expand his horizons outside of the brick streets of Florida and become a worldwide phenomenon. He even hopes to collaborate on feature films one day with the aforementioned Tyler Perry. 

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