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Getting To Know : ISAY EREMEEV

To be successful, a person needs to have talent, persistence, a good work ethic, and discipline. They must always keep up with the times. Sometimes persistence is more important than talent. Persistent people with a little talent can be successful, but talented people without persistence will not succeed.  “My responsibility on social networks is big because I am also followed by a diversity of people” states Isay Eremeev. “My mission is to show them that they can do anything they want if they stay on track with desire and hard work. My Instagram is very positive. In everyday life there is a lot of stress and negative energy. I do not want to add to negativity; Positive energy is my message! We live in a fast-paced changing world. Therefore I remain versatile and do not plan too far ahead. Modeling is an excellent platform leading to many artistic fields. Ultimately I see myself as a motivator.

“What matters more is the level of professionalism you bring, whatever type of work that is,” adds Isay. “It is a strange industry, and on the surface it looks as though you just turn up and have your picture taken, or walk a bit.”

“Social media has helped build this new emphasis on personality, together with the growing number of smaller menswear brands that are more interested in a creative look – in having the right face for them rather than strict model measurements. The fact is that there are so many male models now who could all, more or less, do the same job that clients are increasingly looking for difference.”

“But the real work is in what you do around shoot days. You need to look after your fitness and your health, for example. Being ready to work has to become habitual.”

Of all the categories, fitness models are most likely to be self-represented. But then they are also most likely to be self-selecting – because while a fitness model might not conform to conventional fashion industry standards of height or ‘good looks’, by definition, his musculature will be the result of nearly full-time dedication to exercise and diet.
“Fitness and Fashion go hand in hand for me “ says Isay. “I work on my health and fitness daily, and also enjoy looking my best whenever I’m out and about.”
“In the end it’s about inner confidence and self respect, and that’s what I’m striving to promote on my page and image. If you treat your body with the right fuel and respect, then you naturally feel good about yourself and no one can put you down! “ “So be happy, be healthy, and spread positivity all around you.”

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