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Happy 52nd Birthday ODB (RIP)! Top Five Most Memorable Ol’ Dirty Bastard Moments

On this day Hip-Hop history we celebrate the birth of one of the culture’s brightest stars, the late, great Russell Jones, affectionately known to the Hip-Hop world as Ol’ Dirty Bastard. To…

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On this day Hip-Hop history we celebrate the birth of one of the culture’s brightest stars, the late, great Russell Jones, affectionately known to the Hip-Hop world as Ol’ Dirty Bastard.

To Hip Hop, Dirt Dog was more than a rapper. His personality and ostentatious demeanor were representatives of the soul of Hip-Hop. He did not let the fame and status take away from his character. Those who knew him said that he remained true to himself throughout his career making him quite the public figure. According to some, Ol’ Dirty was the type to help an old woman cross the street then, once he got to the other side, run a bystander for his jewels. He was a noble man with a righteous cause for sinning. His legacy is one that will not fade anytime soon.

In honor of his 50th-degree day, we have put together a top-five list of some of Big Baby Jesus’ most outrageous and memorable moments and these aren’t the only ones to chose from.

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Performing as a Fugitive of Justice

In the fall of 2000, ODB was facing two charges for drug possession and had two separate warrants out for his arrest. This didn’t case The Specialist to lose any sleep. He, in fact, took the stage at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York performing exactly one verse before having to flee the scene. He even gave his fans a warning before gracing the mic saying, “I can’t stay on the stage too long tonight—the cops is after me.”

Taking a Limo to Pick Up Food Stamps

Who wouldn’t take advantage of the opportunity to pick up a government assistance check-in style, not ODB. In an MTV News interview, OL’ Dirty takes MTV and the viewers at home on a unique ride down to the welfare office in a fully-loaded stretch limo. If that wasn’t good enough, ODB’s response when asked why he is so blatantly making a mockery of the welfare system he responds, “[They] owe me 40 acres and a mule anyway.” Touche, Dirt Dog, touche.

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Interrupting a Grammy Acceptance Speech

In 1998, way before Kanye embarrassed Taylor Swift on the VMA stage, ODB took to the stage to voice his opinion on Wu-Tang losing Best Rap Album to Puff Daddy & The Family’s No Way Out. Unfortunately for some, OBD didn’t make it on stage until Shawn Colvin was on stage making his acceptance speech for winning Song of the Year, much after the after Diddy was awarded his Grammy. In a few short moments, ODB expressed his frustration by saying,

“I went and bought me an outfit today that costed me a lot of money today because I figured Wu-Tang was going to win. I don’t know how y’all see it, but when to comes it to the children, Wu-Tang is for the children. We teach the children. Puffy is good, but Wu-Tang is the best. I want you to know that this is ODB, and I love you all.”

Giving an Interview for the Children with No Shoes on Outside

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In one of his best interviews, ODB goes on a rant about being only for the children on the streets of Brooklyn, while barefoot. At first glance, it may seem strange, but if you think about it, the prophets of old were more than likely shoe-less. Trying to picture Jesus speaking to his disciples in a pair of crisp white Air Force Ones just isn’t right, maybe Big Baby was on to something.

Made video with Mariah Carey “Fantasy”

Just when you thought that there was only a “dirty version” to ODB, he opened up his soft side and collaborated with legendary songbird Mariah Carey for her “Fantasy” remix. Carey ended up being one of Dirty’s closest confidants, writing him letters of support during his two-year incarceration in upstate New York.

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Listen to Ralph Curtis Perform “Man You Want Me To Be” Live

The pandemic was a period where many people were forced to reevaluate their priorities and focus more on soul-nourishing activities. For Ralph Curtis, music was what set his soul on fire. In 2020, he kicked off his career with I Was Him & He Was Me. Following the storytelling nature of country music, Ralph Curtis weaved an intricate story of the intimate relationship he shared with his grandfather.

In 2021, he launched his debut EP titled Sandbar Sideways. Some songs in the EP include Whatever’s Left in The Bottle, Life is Hard Living is Harder, and A Yeti and Some Sunshine.

Ralph Curtis is a singer-songwriter based in Naples, Florida. From a young age, he had a knack for music and played in the symphonic orchestra. Other than the cello, Curtis also plays the guitar. He draws his inspiration from artists, including John Mayer and Ryan Adams.

Man You Want Me To Be is a song about what it takes to be a “good man.” Ralph takes us through the promises he makes to his girlfriend, who he ends up marrying, his two little daughters, and his aging mom. It’s easy for a man to get wrapped up in trying to provide a lavish life, but Curtis reminds us that “a shoulder to cry on, a rock you can lean on, a bed you can sleep” is sometimes all that’s needed.

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For the live version of Man You Want Me To Be, Ralph Curtis partnered with Juniper Recording Studios and had Hunter McDaniel on the piano. The live version is a quieter, more crisp, and more intimate version of the song. The drums and guitars have all been stripped away to leave Curtis’ baritone accompanied by a piano.

Although it is a bit unusual to have just a piano accompany an otherwise country song, the piano gives this version delicacy and intimacy. The choice of microphone that captures Hunter playing is also brilliant; it captures the small tonal nuances well. Hunter’s playing also shows excellent prowess. He sounds like he is giving the keys just a gentle tap, leaving room for Curtis’ voice to carry the day.

Compared to the studio version, Curtis’ voice in the live version still sounds good, but with more emotion behind it. It is punctuated with little grunts and cracks that are not edited out to make the sound perfect. It makes you identify more with the song, especially when he sounds like he’ll almost shed a tear when he says, “No, I can’t offer much, but I can be the man you want me to be.”

When he sings, Ralph Curtis gets lost in the moment. When he closes his eyes, you can see the song move through him; from how he gently gestures with his hands to the slight furrow in his brows.

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If this live version is anything to go by, listening to Ralph Curtis perform should be one of those performances that make a room stand still and listen. Anyone who wants to listen to him live can follow his performance schedule from his social media or website.

Listen to the Live Version on YouTube:

Listen on Spotify:



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Award-Winner Ludlow Creek Releases 2nd Album, Sets Hometown Date For Release Party

With singles from the album gaining global recognition, the long-awaited album from the Dayton-based award-winning band has been released.

Defining their signature sound as ‘modern classic rock,’ celebrated Dayton-area band, Ludlow Creek has finally unveiled their latest album, “Which Way is Forward.” Released on September 16th, 2022, the album is dubbed as Ludlow Creek’s magnum opus, featuring some of the band’s best songs to date. “Stoney Lonesome Road” from the album reached #51 on the UK iTunes Rock Songs chart. Two other singles have helped the band rack up more than 50K Spotify streams in 2022 alone. These achievements propelled the group to a 2022 International Singer Songwriter Association Award win.

The band posted to their Facebook page:  “IT’S HERE!  ‘Which Way Is Forward,’ our brand-new album, is now officially released and available on all the major streaming services… Amazon, Spotify, SoundCloud, Apple Music, YouTube Music, etc. You can hear samples of all tracks at those outlets and make digital purchases for your listening pleasure.  We’ll also have “W.W.I.F.” CDs available for purchase when we formally celebrate the release on October 8th in Tipp City, Ohio. Tickets for the Release Party are going quickly.  You can secure your tickets(s) at”

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Having started their musical journey as a cover band in Ohio, Ludlow Creek is a group of close friends whose musical aspirations brought them together, beckoning them to start creating original music. The new album serves as a prominent milestone for Ludlow Creek, as it is their second full-length studio album. This album signifies the expansion of the band’s discography and the evolution of their musical prowess.

More details about Ludlow Creek can be seen on their official band website at

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