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In Time For Valentine’s Day Sarantos Is Sweet On “Love Always Wins”

Sarantos delivers a sweet ode to the sweetest emotion on the timely “Love Always Wins”. Right in time for Valentine’s Day, there is a beauty to the way that he sculpts the sound. His voice, always exceptional, gets a bit more vulnerable within the song. The layered approach adds to the timeless quality of the work. A light rock quality helps to give the song additional heft. By far however the true heart of the sound resides in his poetic lyricism. Done with dignity, nods to the Talking Heads’ later period work, the post-anxiety, appears throughout. Indeed, there is a timelessness about the way it all comes together.

Right from the beginning he wastes no time in setting the effortless groove. A lightness of sorts enters into the equation for he employs a spirit of restraint to the arrangement itself. The rhythm too has an easy-going aspect to it never feeling rushed. Due to all of these specific elements the song has tremendous heart behind it. Much of the work has a vulnerability, an intimacy, one that has an affectionate cadence to it. Verse upon verse further helps to keep the song focused. Thanks in large part to his vivid imagery within the lyricism a whole story, a fondness for another, helps to further highlight the personal aspect of the piece, all the way to the finale.

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“Love Always Wins” features the undeniable ear for melody and storytelling that has become a prominent fixture within Sarantos’ work.

Artist Spotlight

Voice Of Addiction Releases New Music “SHINIGAMI”

Voice Of Addiction

Meet Voice Of Addiction, a Chicago-based punk-rockers who are making major moves. V.O.A is no stranger to the music industry, Storytelling, motivation, and inspiration, are what you can find in V.O.A music. The band has 8 official releases & independently sold over 10,000 physical copies (as well as being involved in countless compilations, and digital sales).

What makes V.O.A unique is its talent and approach to music. Their soulful voices and ability to create both introspective and relatable lyrics have endeared them to many fans and made them one of the fastest-rising Rock / Punk artists. V.O.A’s passion for their art shines through their mastery of the soulful acoustic sound that mesmerizes their audience in every performance.

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Artist Spotlight

Chris Lewington – “Radio Radio”

Chris Lewington

U.K.’s talented singer-songwriter, Chris Lewington has released his new catchy single called “Radio Radio”. Which is an acoustic folk song written to inspire happiness and hope.

“Radio Radio” has that sort of nagging catchline you just can’t get out of your head, coded and dense lyrically, and builds to an apocalyptic cataclysm. Chris Lewington’s lyrics are at home in a garden of guitars, simple drum kit, and voices. It is a timeless song with a timeless message and leaves you feeling refreshed and alive much like the flowers after the rain clouds lift.

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