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Instagram Gallery: Mulatto Looking Fierce

Atlanta-born-and-raised rapper Mulatto is the latest female hip-hop star taking the rap game by storm. At only 21 years old, Mulatto’s 2019 breakout single, “B***h From Da Souf,” cracked the Billboard Hot 100 in August, shortly after the rapper’s cameo in Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s star-studded “WAP” music video. Born Alyssa Michelle Stephens, the 21-year-old’s moniker has become quite the point of controversy, but the rapper has revealed it’s her way of reclaiming her identity as a mixed-race person, which she says she frequently caught flack for from her peers throughout her adolescence. 

Although she’s just now encroaching household-name-level fame, Mulatto isn’t exactly a newcomer to the industry. Having won season one of Lifetime hip-hop competition series, The Rap Game, when she was just 16, it was only a matter of time before the rapper rose to stardom. After releasing “B***h From Da Souf,” Mulatto was swiftly scooped up by RCA Records, under which she released her debut album, Queen of Da Souf, in August 2020. Trina and Saweetie jumped on a “B***h From Da Souf” remix last December, and Mulatto has even already collabed with her self-proclaimed idol, Gucci Mane, on her song “Muwop,” which dropped in July. As both her music and her unparalleled confidence and style illustrate, Mulatto has come to dominate. 

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Still not sure what we’re talking about? Look no further; check out our gallery below of some of the rapper’s most bossed-up pics.

A savage, wearing savage


Nope, it’s a full-time job and you’re a professional

Not Pictured: her foot, on our necks

Let ’em know

Dimes all around

Showing off her megawatt smile

Dripped in diamonds

Claiming her crown


Get a girl who can do both


In case you didn’t know: she’s rich




Joelle Charan’s “Forgive Me,” a Soulful Orchestra of Redemption

Joelle Charan

Joelle Charan’s latest creation, “Forgive Me,” is a soul-jazz masterpiece that transcends boundaries, weaving together a tapestry of modern soul and Jazz orchestral horns with enchanting musical influences that are deeply emotional. This single is a heartfelt reflection of a daughter’s yearning for forgiveness. The result is a symphonic fairytale that tugs at your heartstrings, combining modern pop with the timeless elegance of orchestral and Indian instrumentation.

Drawing from the depths of her mixed heritage and spiritual beliefs, Joelle Charan pours her heart and soul into this track. The song’s genesis in the aftermath of a poignant argument, set against the backdrop of New York City, adds a layer of raw authenticity to its lyrics. The smooth-jazz verses are a soothing balm, while the choruses’ layered vocal and instrumental harmonies evoke a sense of catharsis.

Joelle’s smooth-jazz verses effortlessly lead you into a world of introspection, while the choruses, adorned with intricate vocal and instrumental harmonies, take you on an experimental odyssey. The outro, embraced by French horns, adds a touch of old-world charm to the modern Manhattan backdrop that inspired this composition.

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Influenced by the likes of Laura Mvula, Norah Jones, and Alicia Keys, Joelle Charan’s vocal prowess shines brightly. Her ability to blend soulful vocals with jazz-infused melodies is captivating. “Forgive Me” is not just a song; it’s a journey through the depths of emotion, a musical experience that will resonate deeply with anyone who has felt the weight of regret and the need for absolution.

As Joelle Charan returns to the U.K. and Europe for live performances, “Forgive Me” is bound to stand out in her repertoire, a testament to her musical talent and artistic growth. It’s a must-listen for those who appreciate the exquisite fusion of captivating rhythms and emotive storytelling. Joelle Charan’s “Forgive Me” song is a soulful track that offers healing and elevates the soul. It’s a great addition to any jazz or soul playlist, inspired by Charan’s musical journey from Amsterdam. Truly an artist to watch! 


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Industry Veteran and Legend – Aria – Teams Up With Renowned World Artists For Rhythmic Single Smile

Mariano Schiavolini, aka Aria“, is a leading representative of international world music, and collaborates with other major artists in the genre such as the Soweto Gospel Choir, Peter Gabriel, and the group of Miriam Makeba. Now, recruits a tour de force of global talent for his latest single Smile. Released August 14th of this year, the infectious single is characterised by its strong rhythms, global influences, and masterfully intricate composition.

Smiles driving force is its undeniable rhythm influenced strongly by South and Central American musical styles, namely rumba and cha cha. However, jazz and RnB influences elevate the song with its positive vocals and message, and instrumentation such as that of American bassist Joseph Patrick, bassist for Steward Copeland of the Police.

Smiles arrangement is in a way a testament to Arias decades spanning legacy in the music industry. With over 120 tracks making up the song (with most contemporary songs only reaching 50), Smile was recorded with older analogue set-ups that retain the individual frequencies of each instrument with more fidelity than their modern counterparts at this complex layering. In doing so, it demonstrates the mastery that comes with having been in the industry for so long now, such is the case with Aria.

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The single and its accompanying music video continue in Arias trend of global collaboration. As viewers will see, the video brings together the smiles of those from all backgrounds, who interpret the dance of Smile with spontaneous and unique gestures. Behind the scenes, English author Nicolette Turner penned the lyrics which were sung by vocalist Ariel Jones, who also interpreted the song in Portuguese after contributing the lyrics in her native tongue. Smiles Portuguese version is to be released in the South American market.

Prior to Smile, Arias successes have included charting in his native Italy and abroad, rotation on BBC Radio, millions of streams and views on his songs and videos, and charitable drives to help causes close to the artists heart. These causes include defending human rights, saving near extinct animals, and fighting apartheid, to name a few.

Smile is a song of universal brotherhood that hopes to bring people of all walks and creeds together through dance. The single is available across all platforms now.



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