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Interview With Dominik And Adrien, The Artists Behind German Metalcore Band Immunity

Hi Dominik and Adrien! We loved your song and video of “Trust The Algorithm” and would like to hear more about it. 

What does this project mean to you?

Nik: It’s a miracle for us. We never thought to get that much international attention for our music. Most of our songs formed during the big lockdown in Germany. Of course there was a lot of anger and frustration that influenced the songwriting during Covid. But in the end it also was kind of a therapy.

Adrien: for me it is an outlet of my creative energy. The last 1.5 years affected all of us directly so there are a lot of experiences and emotions that we both needed to channel. And this project is the perfect way. 

How did you two meet? Did you have prior experience working in a band before that?

Nik: We met only weeks before the pandemic unfolded. I was in a German Rock band before but always wanted to do heavier music than that.

Adrien: We met when I was also looking for a new band together with a couple of other musicians. Eventually only the two of us were left but we said we will continue like that. 

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The band came together in 2020. How did the pandemic affect the band’s work overall?

Nik: For nearly one year we had to work remotely. Not very band-like we basically had to sent files to each other and each of us worked alone in his basement. Even after the lockdown bands were not allowed to play together for practice. So we made our songs, booked the studio dates and only one week before recording we met for the first time in person after a year.

Adrien: We needed to adapt to the situation. But it shows that we have a good connection and are able to work together in a very focused way. 

Do you believe that algorithms ruin people’s lives or do people allow the internet to consume them fully? Is there anything to be done to change the situation?

Nik: Algorithms may be the most devastating force in our modern history if we don’t stop them. They can not only destroy peoples lives, they are able to destroy whole democracys. Misinformation is the cold war we are living in today. Algorithms reward us for our most personal information and desires. If you look at social media you can see with your own eyes how many people are willing to do anything for attention.

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We need to get much more awareness of what happens with the data we provide. We have to be aware that anything we share online can be used to manipulate us. 

Adrien: I think that algorithms themselves are neither good nor bad. Important is how they are used and they can be used in a very positive way. Nevertheless in our fast paced times it makes sense to take a step back and understand we are seeing what we see in our feeds and ads. And understand that companies are using algorithms to maximize profit. And while using social media it can drag people deeper down into a spiral of misinformation and conspiracy theories. To change the situation it needs commitment from major companies to fight the spread of misinformation even if this means some loss of profits. 

Will you be exploring similar themes in your future projects? If not, what themes/concepts are you interested in writing music about as a band?

Nik: Our digital world is a topic that goes through our upcoming Album in many ways. The song “Faceless Void” we just recorded is about getting lost in the virtual reality of the future. Covid took many of us into a virtual world where some of us can’t escape anymore. Other songs are about personal experiences and changes. It is a weird time and the last months left none of us unaffected. 

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Adrien: the digital transformation is all around us and cannot be stopped. So it is important to understand what is happening and to know that there is also an analogue life that is worth nurturing. I think that also the pandemic forced people to appreciate the close surroundings and for me it’s also inspiring. So themes are closely related to personal experiences and topics that affect us in some way. 

Can fans expect to see new projects from the band this year?

Nik: As our debut album is planned for 2022 there will soon be at least another single. We also have some ideas for our next music video. So we are definitely up for some more trouble in the near future!

Adrien: stay tuned, there is new music coming from us. 

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