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Meet WHOSFLYY, The Artist on the Watch from Long Island, NY

Erick Johnson was born on June 6th, 1989 in Manhattan, New York, USA, and his stage name is WHOSFLYY. He was raised in the gritty streets of Brentwood Long Island. WHOSFLYY started his music at a younger age but never really took it serious until he got older and actually could find his sound. What inspired him to do music was the fact that he listened to all types of music growing up, and a lot of friends around him are either rapping, dancing, or were involved with some sort of music.

WHOSFLYY and his friends would record songs on a computer with the built-in mic and start the crafting as time went on. He said a lot of their good young songs came from that old Mac computer, you know those ones with the fatback LOL.

Music has been his outlet to expressing how he feel about things going on in his life whether it was good, bad, sad, depressed, or just a party lifestyle. He has always been in some sort of a spotlight he didn’t know if that’s good or bad. Everyone learns a lot of things as you get older, and perfecting his craft as an artist is one of them.

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WHOSFLYY has never shied away from challenges or an opportunity that presents itself. He is a motivated, calm, soft-spoken, kind-hearted, determined, well put together young man. He is ever grateful and thankful to his mother for her motivation as a youngster. WHOSFLYY seeing his mother doing things as a single mother taking care of two boys has always encourage him to do better things, and work harder for whatever it is that is worth doing well for greater achievement.

WHOSFLYY came from a small family. So, doing everything he could be just to comfort the family. He had his troubles in the past with the law or just making dumb decisions, but growing up as a man all has changed. When he was just 20 years old, he was blessed with two little boys – Ayden and Evan. These little boys look up to their father, they follow their father, they want to be with their father always, so in his mind, quitting is not an option for WHOSFLYY.

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He is hopeful that his music can bring joy to someone’s day because you never know what someone is going through, or what they are about to go through. I make music for parties, MB, deep thoughts, or if you want to just vibe, make sure you tuned up WHOSFLYY!

When he found his sound, He performed different shows like SOBs, Studio shows, etc. WHOSFLYY wants to make music that people can relate to, vibe to, dance to, and just be themselves. Music is an art and most of the time you have to keep tracing a picture until you can actually draw it on your own. Just like music, you keep recording until you perfect your craft. He wants his music to be on the playlist, games, movie clips, etc. The sky is the limit. WHOSFLYY’s style is Word Play, and that’s what makes it fun and interesting.

WHOSFLYY sound is unique when you listen and can only be WHOSFLYY and nobody else. He advised that if you are out trying to achieve your dream, you don’t let anybody cross your way to stop you from doing your dream. Negativity is everywhere but just remember that if they are not talking about you, then you’re not doing something right. Keep going, Don’t Stop!

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