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OMSKI – “Kids Next Door” Out Now

Lately, it feels like we are starting to see the end of this pan- demic (fingers crossed) but I’m pretty sure that once in a while every single one of us got caught up thinking about how life was before all of this and how it will going to be after too.
Most of the time that reminiscing process ends with a smile but when you’re an artist, like OMSKI, inputs like this one can turn into inspiration for a song pretty fast.
That’s what happened for the last song of the young new jer- sey native, which started with him just hanging out in the studio one day, talking about all the stupid and dumb things he and
his brother Rone have been through and what life was like for them before the pandemic, and Rone just saying the line “I’m so young I’m so dumb” while the beat was just playing back. Thinking that it would be a cool idea to run with, OMSKI just kept it going, either tapping into stupid girls they fell for or
dumb memories they been through with their friends ending up reflecting on how, as young kids from a city growing up, all the daily-basis dumb and stupid impulsive decisions that they are taking are going to be the same ones that someday they would either smile about or tell themself how dumb they were.
Titled “Kids nxt door”, the song is filled with good vibes and youthful energy from the beginning to the end, taking you back to the high school days and usually if a song can take you to places without moving, it’s a good one.
This song really consolidates OMSKI’s improvement process which started about a year and a half ago when he dropped his first song called “Zone” that was played throughout his town and community with hundreds of thousands of plays on various mu- sic platforms. This song is just the first of the many successful hits to be released, and I am confident that he will be the next big thing in the music industry getting always better time after time, can’t wait for the next one!
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