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Premiere: Ty’Dre Releases Empowering Single “We Up”

Ty’Dre welcomes you on his new journey through 2021 with his upcoming single “We Up”. This empowering anthem takes elements from different genres to produce a song about triumph and unity.

In hopes to set the tone with this newest release, Ty’Dre reveals yet another layer of himself to his listeners. This layer will be the first of many to be displayed on his debut EP.

While We Up were originally inspired by the bond he has with his close friends, he soon realized that this song can connect with multiple people. Reminiscing with his listeners about his past and present goals, Ty’Dre reminds us that he “ain’t hoop no more, it’s still sold out arenas,” hinting at his success in switching from the court to the booth, but always remembering where he started and who he started with.

This kind of ambition creates a vision for everyone to feel it’s our time to come together and fulfill our destiny. We Up introduce small moments of rich vocal harmonies, giving gospel-like elements to the track. An enchanting and melodic tempo weaves between his alluring and inspiring lyrics, allowing listeners to feel as if the song is written specifically for them and their experiences.

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With 2020 being a tumultuous year, Ty’Dre urges us to look towards the future, and is “praying 2030 sees us.” His final message encourages everyone to manifest their dreams while making
sure to never forget family and friends along the way.

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