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Premiere: Viktoria Vera Drops a New Song and Video “Camouflage” (Feat. Jackson Whalan)

Boston-based Singer-Songwriter Viktoria Vera drops a powerful new song and music video called “Camouflage“, feat. Jackson Whalan via Lit Honey Productions. Following her recent song titled “HeartBeat”. Viktoria Vera has surpassed her fans’ expectations with this latest masterpiece. Camouflage is a song that acknowledges the inherent ability humans have to realize a higher self and connection with greater power.  It is about overcoming adversity and challenges in the modern era.

Vera states, “This song is just about our future.  The kids in the video represent the aspect of freedom of who we are in our hearts because that’s how kids behave.  And that’s why they are in the video.  Besides that, church to me represents the place where we take off our mental masks and open ourselves to a higher power. Everyone has angels and demons – and if we are becoming who we are. we can overcome our demons at times. In a way, we are shedding our camouflage for a higher power“.

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Viktoria Vera is preparing for her EP, DEVOTION, coming next year, She finds herself within a climate laced with pop, hip-hop, RnB, and falling leaves. This past year with the pandemic has left musicians and promoters alike scattered, it is time for the voice of a generation to arise from the rubble who represents the new and potential energy that is ready to be realized. Watch out for Viktoria Vera


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