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Producer Bradley Denniston Shares Alternative Rock With New Single “15 Minutes To Midnight”

After a thrilling debut with his last single “Stolen Love,” Bradley Denniston is back with a new single titled “15 Minutes To Midnight”. The song is about longing for a crush and hoping they finally give you a chance before the end of the night. “Those close encounters where you want to tell them how you really feel about them and the moment is so close, but also that window of opportunity is slipping away fast,” says Denniston. There is a sense of carefree, almost teenager-like energy in the single as it embraces the tangible chemistry between two people. “15 Minutes To Midnight” is an exciting contrast to “Stolen Love” as it replaces Denniston’s smoother elements with a more raw, hair-raising experience. Both, however, fit together perfectly to demonstrate the artist’s complementing diversity.

Denniston is also a platinum-selling music producer, singer, engineer, composer, and multi-instrumentalist, working on and for blockbuster movies, Netflix originals, and major mainstream artists. His production and creative skills shine through in “15 Minutes To Midnight” with its bold alternative rock sound paired with an underlying synth-pop essence. The single is sure to be a favorite of fans from many genres and further prove Denniston’s solid future as a solo artist.

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 “15 Minutes To Midnight” is his second single release as a recording artist following his first single, “Stolen Love”.


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