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Shaylee – Hiding Behind the Moon

Shaylee returns with a new anthem titled “Hiding Behind the Moon”. As Shaylee, Portland, Oregon’s Elle Archer writes music that is expansive, lush, and heartbreaking. She has talent that is undeniable as she shines on her track “Hiding Behind the Moon” which will have you stuck in amazement.

She’s been making music since she was a teenager, but her upcoming release, Short-Sighted Security, almost feels like her debut. “I’ve had so much time to grow artistically, it feels like a culmination of all the work that I’ve done up until now,” she says of the record. Spanning thirteen songs, the album is the result of a dedicated and deep love of music. It’s also a thematically unified record, one about failing relationships, growing pains, and falling short of your goals of self-improvement.

Elle, who is a queer trans woman, grew up enamored with making music. She cites early experiences as a teen playing guitar on church worship teams as well as in her high school jazz band as heavily formative. She remembers mixing every element she’d hear on stage in her in-ear monitors and then going home to toy around with what she had learned, in awe of the endless possibilities that come with sitting alone and reimagining sound.

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Shaylee’s Hiding Behind the Moon is a must-hear record for the dreamers of the world. If you hear it, you will instantly love it as she wastes no time showing her genius with this incredible song that can be the soundtrack to any grind you have, that can help you make it through life.

Listen to Hiding Behind the Moon by Shaylee

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