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SicHat – Fire

Someone has rightly said, “Music is the wine that fills the cup of silence”. Music’s sensation is that it’s available in dissimilar forms and sue to people with mixed tastes. Thanks to brilliant artists from centuries ago, we have millions of songs to enjoy. In today’s time, many talents can share their work on social media and other online programs that reach people all around the world. SicHat is one such skilled musician who is dropping back-to-back tracks for his fans.

About Fire:

Fire by SicHat is a super dancy Rap Song. People say it got some Ed Sheeran vibes. That does not leave the head for days. Autotune is most of the time well balanced between the simulated voice and the natural voice.

SicHat takes this concept one step further and puts his autotune voice in the very center of his music. Asking the question if robots could transfer emotions as well. At first, the answer seems pretty clear, but looking at his look this robotic voice could be exactly what makes SicHat complete. Half-human, half machine. A robotic arm, circuits in his face.

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