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Singer-Songwriter Raquel Kiaraa Unveils Beautiful Visuals For Latest Single “Release Me”

Defying genre with a brilliant musical dexterity, Raquel Kiaraa continues her rise to the top with a brand new release, the single and music video titled “Release Me.” After the magnificent single “Dear Jesus,” “Release Me” is yet another example of Kiaraa’s profound vision when it comes to songwriting and music making. Often delivering soulful and timeless performances, Raquel Kiaraa has surpassed her fans’ expectations with this latest masterpiece. With empowering lyrics and spiritual messages, she accompanies the listener into a journey towards healing, pointing out at the tough times for humanity and asking on everyone’s behalf to be released from these dark times. 

Her vocal performance beautifully conveys the full spectrum of human emotions, transforming poetry into music, an approach in the footsteps of her mentor, the iconic Leonard Cohen. She is also inspired by artists like Lady Gaga, Elton John and Cher.  

It’s in 2019 that launched her musical project, when she assembled a band of accomplished musicians with whom she started performing a series of concerts. 

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In 2020 she debuted the single “Scorpio,” an instant success featured on international radio playlists worldwide, including France, Brazil, Italy, Russia, Ireland, the U.K. and more.

“Release Me” is a magical single and music video, and the perfect opportunity to get introduced to her incredible music if you haven’t yet. 





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