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Stefano Manotti – Cercarmi

Stefano Manotti has released a new single called “Cercarmi”. “Dove Andare” and “Cercarmi”, the new two singles by the Parmesan singer-songwriter Stefano Manotti, have been released on Spotify and on all digital stores.

After the release of her first single “Scorte d’amore” in March 2021, which has had a lot of feedback
positive from public and critics, this time the Parmesan artist avails himself of the collaboration of Giulio
Carmassi (ex-Pat Metheny Group) from the side of the arrangements and mixing and of Paolo Schianchi for how much it’s about executive production.

“Dove Andare” talks about the impossibility for the individual to be able to carve out his own creative spaces,
engulfed by the frenzy of society, while “Seeking me” is a cry that goes in the opposite direction, that is
towards the rebirth of the individual through the artistic contemplation of the surrounding.

“In these two songs – says the author – together I tell the caged everyday life, the speed,
the absence of time to devote to one’s own creative part (Where To Go) and the attempt to overcome
this condition, through the key moment of inspiration and the natural inclination of the human being
towards beauty (Look for me) ”

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