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What you don’t know about “Jimmy Smacks”

What first got you into entertainment ?

I’m not gonna lie, the WWE started me off, I was a big fan of wrestling growing up & I use to love when THE ROCK came out and the crowd went crazy. I always wanted that type of love when I stepped out.I wanted the world to go crazy for your boy jimmy!


Who inspires you ?

My mom and my sister Camille inspires me to be great. Without them I probably wouldn’t be as motivated as I am everyday to go hard.

How would you describe the art you create ?

Well I am a content creator, one of the most creative men to ever do it. So I would describe my art as a MOVIE. Lol as I would say in my slang. If you know you know. Just go look at my word and find out.

What is your creative process like?

My creative process starts with me drinking some liquor and coming up with different thoughts Once the tequila is in my system. I start thinking of all type of crazy ish. My imagination goes as far as me seeing what heaven looks like.

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Who would you most like to collaborate with?

For sure I want to collab with PHARRELL WILLIAMS, I want to do some acting films with THE ROCK , also I would love to collab with Kylie Jenner on the business tip, when it comes to creating your own product & selling millions in one day, she got it. So I need some game.


If you could start your own tv show what would it be about ?

Aww mann if I start my own tv show, it’ll be “4 the love of Jimmysmacks” because I’m known for being a ladies man. I’m like eye candy to them but I know it’s because I’m from New York, our swag is different ya dig.

Senior Editor at Honk Magazine, Writer for Quality Impact Entertainment in Atlanta Georgia , Music, Culture, Business🤞🏾