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Who is Lem Turner?

Lemuel Chavez Turner (born May 3, 1998) better known as Lem Turner (previously known as Tanwintercoats) is an American singer-songwriter from Stanford, New Jersey, and a member of the hip hop/R&B collective the Cold Winter. Homeless at the age of 14, he began making music in an abandoned home where he stayed nightly. Since he never missed an opportunity to grace the stage.

In his 20 years, Turner has always been first in every talent show. After, becoming a professional dancer Turner met some of the industry’s top artists & songwriters. When presenting his singing & songwriting abilities he was asked to attend a studio session. From there, the singer & songwriter was born. This opportunity would be a step towards changing the music culture today. The communities he grew up in are stuck in a cycle based on the lack of love & universal connections. We tend to listen to the same trendy music & never seem to open up to real musical art.

The singer and songwriter gave a reason why he decided to go into music. He said, “I want this for me & the ones who live under the ideas of creation. I just had a son his name is “ICE” I want him to see his father inspire his generation to love & expand their mindsets”. 

Turner has been performing since and has been awarded two-time winner of every talent show & also has been featured in productions. Turner is here to stay and he never gave up on the culture.

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