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10 Valentine’s Day Cocktails That Taste Like Falling In Love

I’ll drink to that. …

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I’m already planning my menu for the big night. This year, I’m thinking charcuterie, chocolate-covered strawberries and of course, some festive drinks! There are so many cute Valentine’s Day cocktails to choose from since red is such a common color for fruity alcoholic beverages, so I’ve taken the liberty of rounding up a few beautiful and delicious options to choose from. Think strawberry red, rosé pink and dragon fruit fuchsia drinks galore!

If you’re spending Valentine’s Day in with your lover, your Galentine or yourself, setting the mood (Whatever that mood may be!) with a festive cocktail is a fun way to indulge without leaving your house or breaking the bank. If you’re looking to surprise your partner, make your drinks in advance and serve them when they arrive; or, make your drinks together for a sweet mixology date night. Bonus points if you make a few different options and do an entire V-Day cocktail tasting—that’s what I’ll be doing.

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If you’re in that new-relationship stage and unsure if you’re getting one another gifts, planning a cocktail-making date night is a great alternative to buying something, since it still shows you care and requires effort to organize, but there’s no awkward unwrapping of a present. Problem solved!

Below, I’ve rounded up ten must-try recipes, from dragon fruit champagne cocktails to strawberry bellinis to a special little drink called Love Potion #9 guaranteed to leave your partner head over heels. I even threw in a non-alcoholic pink hot chocolate for anyone looking to cozy up without the risk of a hangover (That said, I’ll totally be spiking it). Happy Valentine’s Day!

STYLECASTER | Valentine's Day Cocktails

Courtesy of Lipgloss and Crayons.

Strawberry Bellini

Nothing says love like a pink drink, and you’ll love the taste of this Strawberry Bellini, made with fresh berries and rose water.


STYLECASTER | Valentine's Day Cocktails

Courtesy of Jawns I Cooked.

Don’t Call Me Shirley

Of course, red drinks are festive, too, and the must-try Don’t Call Me Shirley is made with grenadine, gin, grapefruit juice and ginger beer.

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STYLECASTER | Valentine's Day Cocktails

Courtesy of Fare Isle.

Sparkling Rose Vodka Soda

Vodka-lovers, rejoice! This Sparkling Rose Vodka Soda tastes as amazing as it looks. Bonus points for the rose petals for that extra-festive touch.


STYLECASTER | Valentine's Day Cocktails

Courtesy of Jawns I Cooked.

Watermelon Basil Mimosa

Doing A V-Day breakfast in bed with your boo? Whip up two Watermelon Basil Mimosas to toast to your love!


STYLECASTER | Valentine's Day Cocktails

Courtesy of LegalLee Blonde.

Love Potion #9

I’m alllll about Love Potion #9, made with Pinnacle whipped cream vodka, strawberry liqueur and creme de cacao. Garnish with a chocolate-covered strawberry!


STYLECASTER | Valentine's Day Cocktails

Courtesy of Tide & Thyme.

The Strawberry Crush

Another fruity pick is The Strawberry Crush, featuring fresh strawberries, oranges, vodka and triple sec. Easy and delicious!


STYLECASTER | Valentine's Day Cocktails

Courtesy of Bri Geeski.

Dragon Fruit Champagne Cocktails

These Dragon Fruit Champagne Cocktails are the most gorgeous hot pink hue, thanks to the vibrant dragon fruit, of course! Very festive indeed.


STYLECASTER | Valentine's Day Cocktails

Courtesy of Burrata & Bubbles.

Sparkling Rosé French 75

Rosé is nice on its own, but sparkling rosé with gin, simple syrup and lemon juice? That’s what I’m talking about! This Sparkling Rosé French 75 is a real winner.

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STYLECASTER | Valentine's Day Cocktails

Courtesy of Cook Like A Champion.

Blood Orange Margaritas

I’ve never turned down a homemade margarita, and these Blood Orange Margaritas are unbelievably good. Use your choice of white or silver tequila and garnish with lime or blood orange slices.


STYLECASTER | Valentine's Day Cocktails

Courtesy of Kendall Rayburn.

Peppermint White Hot Chocolate

Last but not least, this one isn’t technically a cocktail, but it’s a festive beverage no less! This Crock Pot Peppermint White Hot Chocolate is still a great Valentine’s pick, especially if you’re opting for a cozy date night in (Plus, you can also spike it if you want to!).

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