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Boogy – Pull Up (Feat. Kd Moneyy)

Sometimes it just takes longer than usual, but some songs speak to you so much that the music guides the words with Boogy featuring Kd Moneyy called “Pull Up” from the newest EP titled Hypey Pack which is truly a record you should hear now!

Hear the out-of-this-world sound from Boogy and Kd Moneyy on the new song “Pull Up”. The music wastes little time getting you invested with a bright high-energy sound in the production, that is layered and builds well to set a tone for her to show off their work. The song is vocally commanding with a star level of charisma to their tone that has a raw touch to it, that makes them shine through to the fullest, as the writing is brought to life on this one-of-a-kind work of art.

Listen to Boogy – Pull Up (Feat. Kd Moneyy)

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