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Canadian artist Arih SK return back with a unique song for “Go Yet”

Arih SK is an artist living and working in St. Catharines, Ontario. He releases a new single titled “Go Yet”, via Orange Couch Records. Following up with his recent release single “Spleepiest Spring” which received over hundreds and thousands of streams from all digital streaming platforms.

According to Arih SK, “The melody came to me in the shower. When this happens I have to keep singing it over and over until I can get out and record the idea. I had just become a father and then my dad got sick. We soon learned he would not be getting better. This song is a piece of the battle in my head. On the one side, I wasn’t ready at all. On the other side, I could see the acceptance that would eventually come. And somehow that made it even sadder for me to know that I would one day be okay with it. So this is me telling him not to go, saying out loud what I couldn’t say all that time“. – Arih SK

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“I recorded “Go Yet” in my friend’s garage. The super talented Siegfried Meier (Beach Road Studios) drove down in his Sprinter van mobile studio (The Mix Bus) and set up so many microphones all over the place. I played guitar, Amanda Parker played bass, and Mark Hoerdt played drums. It was so nice to record my own songs with a band. We got into a groove and hit record. Then everyone cleared out and we turned all the lights off to record vocals. Even then, I still closed my eyes to find the right feeling.” – Arih SK

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