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Exclusive Interview With Hit Artist 2Dee

Born in Haiti and rising from New Jersey, the rapper 2Dee has a new hit release titled “Love Again.” The track perfectly conveys his demeanour and abilities as an artist, pushing his fame even further. With so many hits, we took this opportunity to chat with the talented artist about his new and upcoming projects.

Congratulations on your new single “Love Again,” Can you tell us what drove you to create it?

At the time that I wrote and produced it, I had reached a point in my life where I felt that no woman could understand nor be willing to be patient with my hustle, as It takes a lot of my time. The same reasons that they were interested in me in the beginning (my ambition, my drive, my visions, and passion), would be the same reasons later that there would be an issue. Also, I dealt with alot of fake friends and betrayal from them. So, I said f*ck love and all the time I’ve wasted on it. It’s time to focus on me and my goals/family. 

What is your ultimate aim as an artist?

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To inspire and motivate anyone that hears my music. Also, to help guide because most of my music is usually about something that I wish someone would have taught me instead of having to have learned it the way I did. Which was usually the hard way. 

Can you drop a few names that have inspired you to become the artist you are today? 

Aw man, I love a lot of types of music, so the inspiration comes from almost anyone that gave me the vibe I needed for that moment in my life, even if it was an old song from before my time. From Jimi Hendrix, Simon and Garfunkel, to Nas, Jayz, J cole, Dipset, or even White lion and Jonny Cash. The list is endless. 

Should we expect any upcoming releases from you soon?

Of course! I have some major releases with some of the top artists out now. I won’t mess up the surprises though. Just keep riding with me and you’ll see 💪🏿😤🤞🏿

Can you tell what single was the most fun to create and why?

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I would say “We Outside”. Because it allowed me to have fun lyrically as well as get a chance to work with Jadakiss, who is one of my all time fav artists. 

Why do you think “Love Again” became such a hit?

I think a lot of people relate to it. We have all had or will have that “f*ck love” moment in life, whether we care to admit it or not. 

What is an “unusual” thing that you do that gets your creative juices flowing?

I wouldn’t say it’s unusual, but at times, I do like to listen to other artists that inspire me and try to recreate their vision in my eyes to be better. 

Are you preparing anything new nowadays?

Yes, I am preparing a lot of new music as well as building a new team to blow everyone away when the time comes! Our names won’t be forgotten. Trust me!



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