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Cancer, Your December Horoscope Calls For A Lifestyle Revamp

Meet the new you, Cancer! …

This December, take a look at your priorities and rethink how you spend your time, Cancer. The sun will be in your diligent sixth house of work and health, inspiring you to revamp your lifestyle. If you’re working too much, find a way to fit in some well-deserved downtime. If you’re procrastinating too much, find a way to get motivated! Your Cancer December 2020 horoscope is here to challenge you to step up your daily routine.

Chances are high that you’ll commit to a regimen that completely alters your life after a solar eclipse lands in your organized sixth house on December 14. Whether you’re keeping up with a new fitness calendar or trying out a new plant-based diet that gives you more energy, this shift will inspire you to keep going, and you’ll see results fast.

You might feel so passionate about self-improvement that you want to put dating on the back burner around December 15. Affectionate Venus will send positive energy to your cleansing sixth house, making you enjoy the process of getting work done. But hey, don’t totally rule love out—you just might find yourself crushing on a cute colleague or coworker of yours. Bet they’ll be interested in way more than just your incredible skills on the job, wink wink.

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Your people skills will reach new heights around December 21, coaxing you out of your shy shell. Capricorn season will activate your descendent and draw your focus towards all the people in your life. Your ability to grow closer to others will skyrocket, leaving many fighting over the position of your “best friend”. You’re in high demand, Cancer!

However, don’t let people walk all over you for the sake of keeping the peace, because on December 21, both karmic Saturn and expansive Jupiter will connect in your eighth house of power and obsession. This will show you all the ways in which you need to take control of your own life, plus how to accept the areas that you have no control over.

This all might sound intense, but a full moon in Cancer on December 29 will bring you so much clarity. Let this new moon reveal the truth about who you are—and who you’re becoming.

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