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Chicago rapper 3M Djayy delivers a new album, “GOING DARK”

3M Djayy

Chicago rapper 3M Djayy delivers a new album called GOING DARK, produced by Brav06. Across nine tracks, the diverse project brings in engaging sounds that pull from Chicago hip-hop stylings and Detroit hip-hop and cloud rap. On GOING DARK, Brav06 spreads down a series of atmospheric, silky instrumentals that are often dynamic and layered, as 3M Djayy presents a strong, candidly laid-back and humorous performance throughout, as he packs his verses with clever and ear-catching lyrics.

The album starts healthily with “light show,” a euphoric and elegant song incorporating lush, silky strings atop a booming, immersive rhythm section. 3M Djayy delivers dynamic and poised verses with intriguing detachment, matching the beat’s unhurried, rich sonics. Then, there are songs like “tall hoes,” which include a retro, 80’s-tinged bounce that makes the track purely addictive. “number one” provides an anthemic sound with its glowing, stuttering synths and charismatic flows making for an epic listen.

GOING DARK is the latest project from Chicago’s 3M Djayy and producer Brav06, and it finds the pair sharing natural chemistry that translates to an effortlessly stylish 9-track effort.

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Listen to GOING DARK now:


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Award-Winning Artist Takes The Reins For Empowering Video “No More Limits”

Ananda Xenia Shakti is a prolific singer, musician and songwriter with national and international acclaim. With more than 120K Spotify streams and 45K Youtube views under her belt, Ananda has released the music video for her #3 UK iTunes charting single, “No More Limits.” The innovative music video has been designed as a healing experience for the viewers. The song’s unique message, paired with visual artistry of the music video, aims to take the audience on a unique journey towards exploring new horizons. Having first perceived the song during a spiritual trip to Machu Picchu 15 years ago, Ananda has finally unveiled the video that further extends the song’s spiritual message.

Ananda says, “I wanted to create a Galactic/Interdimensional, timeless vibe in the video, so we shot it at a very special ‘art park’ in Toronto that has pieces of old buildings and lots of nature and open sky, to create a timelessness. We added a powerful energetic healing technique throughout the video called ‘Light Weaving” so that by watching the video and hearing the music the viewer will feel inspired beyond their perceived limitations. and perhaps even experience a transcendental state of personal healing and evolution.”

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Watch “No More Limits” at

As a founding member of infamous girl-punk band, B GirlsAnanda Xenia Shakti toured the world, opening for legendary punk rock band, The Clash.  She’s also sang back-up on some of Blondie’s biggest hits, on the album, “Autoamerican.” On her own, and with Love Power The Band, Ananda has amassed more than 120K Spotify streams for her signature blend of meditation, relaxation, world, dance and pop music. Her singles, “Cosmic Quiver” and “I Am Love” both reached the UK iTunes Top 3, and her music videos have been watched more than 45K times on Youtube.

Ananda Xenia Shakti & Love PowerThe Band creates “Music for Body and Soul, Vibrational Healing and Celebrating the Festival of Life.”   As an inter-dimensional intuitive artist, Ananda receives the songs of Love Power the Band while in a semi trance state, acting as a conduit for “Higher Realm Wisdom.”  She says, “The songs focus on offering blessings and inspiration to the listeners, while celebrating the innate Divinity that lives within every Soul. Love Power the Band’s music asks you to sing, dance and be ready to hear cosmic truth spoken in straight talk.”

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More details about Ananda Xenia Shakti and her latest music video can be seen at

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How a Christmas Song Almost Broke Up Award-Winning Band

Dayton’s Ludlow Creek has released their first original Christmas song, 8 years in the making.  The band almost broke up amid rehearsals for the song.

Dayton-based award-winning band Ludlow Creek has gone global with many of their recent releases, including their latest album, “Which Way is Forward.” Known for transcending boundaries and creating a unique musical experience with every song, Ludlow Creek has announced they will be releasing their first original Christmas single, “This Baby Boy.” Having been shelved for many years, the song will now see the light of day in time for Christmas 2022.

Band member Jeffrey Friend tells how the single “This Baby Boy” came together, while almost tearing the band apart: “I wrote and recorded ‘This Baby Boy’ just before Christmas 2014, with Dave and Michelle singing harmonies. Michelle fell in love with it. Every Christmas after, Michelle would play it and talk about how the world needed to hear it, too. As we worked through 2022, we planned some rehearsals for the song. After the first rehearsal, I fired off an email that should have been a real-life conversation, and it blew everything up. Things got worse. We felt like Ludlow Creek was doomed.”

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He further added, “After a week of ugly emails, we finally all sat in one room filled with loving tears, and forgiveness. This is where life, love, and hope happen; together, in an ordinary place. It wasn’t long before Michelle brought us back around to ‘This Baby Boy’. We rehearsed, recorded, mixed, and mastered the song in a few short weeks.”

“This Baby Boy” drops on October 14th, 2022.

ABOUT LUDLOW CREEK: Defining their signature sound as ‘modern classic rock,’ celebrated Dayton-area band, Ludlow Creek has finally unveiled their latest album, “Which Way is Forward.” Released on September 16th, 2022, the album is dubbed as Ludlow Creek’s magnum opus, featuring some of the band’s best songs to date. “Stoney Lonesome Road” from the album reached #51 on the UK iTunes Rock Songs chart. Two other singles have helped the band rack up more than 50K Spotify streams in 2022 alone. These achievements propelled the group to a 2022 International Singer Songwriter Association Award win.

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More details about Ludlow Creek can be seen at


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