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CjxGotti Is Here To Make Change In The Music Industry

The Indiana raised Artist; Known as CjxGotti was born and raised in Hammond, Indiana where he calls home amongst many surrounding cities which plays a major part in his upbringing into adulthood. The Hometown of Popstar Icon Michael Jackson; Gary, Indiana being one of those cities.

Corey Jhonathon Hill born on April 19, 1997 is the fourth born amongst nine siblings. Apart from the fact that he is a twin, entertainment was never hard to find with such a huge family. His musical journey began young, introduced to the “peace of song” by his beloved Mothers (Lillie Ann Hill) old-school taste and wide variety of music. However, he was highly influenced by his oldest sisters; (Jackilyn Hill) touch in what he calls “culture mentoring by bond.”

(Fun fact: CjxGotti & His twin sister; Cassandra Hill was born on Jacklyn’s 7th Birthday making the three share the same birthday)

His exposure to many genres such as Soul, Funk, R&B, Pop, HipHop and even overlooked genres like gospel and soft rock helped solidify his footprints in culture exposure through music that would later account to CjxGotti’s adaption and versatility in his work.

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When asked about celebrity Icon influences in the industry, Gotti states “There’s too many, I wouldn’t even want to blow my mental trying to decide and I’m talking about greats by decade! We’d be here all-day dawg.”

CjxGotti is considered a Hip-hop/R&B artist but creates his own lane by adding a bit of everything to his plate. Starting his music career with his Debut song “Endless Pain” released on September 20th, 2020, CjxGotti expresses lost and gives fans an exclusive listen on what molded him emotionally.


“What would I say to the people listening? Lol I got you, I would want everyone that’s listening now to know that I’m very versatile, I don’t stay in one lane, expect more from me but most importantly expect a vibe every time. Walk with me.”   (- CjxGotti )

In an interview late this year (Nov 10th, 2020) on an upcoming podcast show “The cloud chronicles” CjxGotti elaborates his statement and goes on to say “That X in my name is really meant to create space but think of it as a treasure hunt, that X marks the spot. Whatever you want, whatever you’re looking for is right here!”.

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On November 11th 2020, CjxGotti released his second single “IDGAF”. Gotti cleverly uses the motto “A perfect day to not give a fuck” behind advertising the track, he explains; “Look, sometimes it’s okay to just wake up and not give a fuck, it’s good for your health, reflect and release, never dwell and that’s what I did on this project. I took myself somewhere else.”

Life for the new hip-hop artist has not been easy, exposed to trials and tribulations in life, betrayal, death, lost love and heartbreak CjxGotti intends to let his fans in a peek at a time.

“Music is therapeutic, it has been for me just listening to it. Now I’m making music and it’s like I want to be healing to someone, I want to be someone’s go to for any vibe they’re looking for. I know someone out there got the same story as me, I just hope everyone that’s listening continue to support me on this journey.”

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