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Exclusive Interview with Taydee Marie On Her Journey So Far In The Music Industry.

Taydee Marie

Taydee Marie is a multi-faceted singer and songwriter born in Searcy, AR. She is a consistent influence on the city’s expansive distinct sound playing a significant role in the sound’s transition from a regional phenomenon to the national mainstream. Her heartfelt melodies, lush harmonies, soothing warm tones, and poetic songwriting take center stage on her latest EP. In fact, which weaves over R&B, pop, soul, and even trap music to exquisite effect.

Check out her latest single “Bobby pin” on Spotify:

Hello there, welcome to Honk Magazine. can you tell our readers about what really inspired you to write music?

Taydee Marie – Honestly, my music is like my therapy. I think if I hadn’t started writing music, I would have exploded a long time ago! It all started with a broken heart and a diary and it grew from there.


When did you realize you were going to make music professionally?

Taydee Marie – I knew I wanted to do music for as long as I can remember.  As soon as I was old enough I moved to Cali and have been pursuing it ever since.

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Tell us what is so unique about you and your music?

Taydee Marie – I love to write from not only my own perspective but from others as well. I am very empathetic and I am able to turn someone’s feelings and emotions into a song and I think that is what is unique about my music.


Can you tell us about your latest releases and what inspired you to create them?

Taydee Marie – I’m a storyteller and with my latest releases, I wanted to capitalize on that. I wrote about young love and broken hearts. I think the songs are very relatable to girls especially.


Can you give us a brief insight into your upcoming projects?

Taydee Marie – I’m originally from Arkansas and I recently decided to go back to my roots a bit. I’m going to have some country cross-over songs coming out very soon! I’ve been wanting to do this for a while so I’m glad it’s finally happening!

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What do you wish you were told when you first started making music that you think would help artists just starting out?

Taydee Marie – I’d say let yourself make mistakes. Keep writing and correct as you go along. I used to get so caught up in trying to make everything perfect, now I just keep writing until all the pieces fit. A lot of times I’ll get two songs out of it.


What do you do when you don’t do music (creative or otherwise) that you are passionate about?

Taydee Marie – My favorite thing to do outside of music is to hike and I also love audiobooks books. I’m a huge reader but I can’t stand to sit still, so audiobook is a great option for me. And when you pair that with a hike in nature it is the best thing EVER for me.


Any last piece of advice for those artists who just started making music?

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Taydee Marie – I’d say don’t give up on yourself and work hard. It’s a journey and it won’t always be fun, but if you want to make it you have to keep going. I honestly have to remind myself of this a lot.


How can our readers follow you online?

Taydee Marie – You can find me on Instagram – @taydeemarie

You can also find me on any social or music platform as Taydee Marie.

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