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Neo-Classical Composer Michele Garruti Brings New Album To Life – Glitch

Critically acclaimed composer Michele Garruti has just released his latest and much anticipated album, Glitch. As its title suggests, Garruti creates his own kind of classical music, between contemporary constructions and glitchy, even electro-classically textured melodies and harmonies. The sound is simply unbelievably beautiful, and out of the 15 tracks he has listed on Glitch, we can certainly say that each song is a world on its own, offering infinite emotions to the listeners. 


“Syria” is a magnificent piece that offers a piano-driven composition in the likes of the other internationally known italian composer, Ludovico Einaudi. 


“Floating Souls” is another majestic piece that revolves around a joyful sadness, a deeply mysterious vibe that moves the listener to the core, exposing him or her to his most profound vulnerability. 


Michele Garruti is one of the masters of contemporary and neo-classical composition, and throughout Glitch’s gorgeous soundtrack, even the most skeptical ones will agree that what he has built here is a timeless collection home to infinite layers of interpretation, with each listen being a new experience opening unexplored horizons. 


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