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Corvallis Band The Deans releases new single titled “The Runner”

The Runner

Corvallis, Oregon-based band The Deans will release their new single ‘The Runner’ on 5/20/22. The song is the band’s first single since their 2021 release of the Casual Stares EP. ‘The Runner’ represents feeling torn between differing ideas in an information-overloaded world. Mixed with the fast-paced rhythm and lead singer Sean Bullock’s guttural vocals, the song’s message feels clear. However, it remains emotionally ambiguous, allowing all listeners to relate to the lyrics from their own perspectives. The Runner is available to listen to on significant streaming platforms Spotify, and Apple Music, as well as accompanied by a lyric video on Youtube. It is also available on their website,

Inspired by bands from Interpol to the Strokes, ‘The Runner’ produces a unique sound that nods to these bands with a garage-rock vibe that blazes its own trail. The track begins with a drawn-out intro that seeps into a dystopian beat that is almost unexpected. Not only do the lyrics represent the struggle between different thoughts, but the instrumentals also represent the constant barrage of contrasting feelings, as well. ‘The Runner’ is just the beginning of the Deans 2022 releases, with more on the way in the coming months.

“The Deans found a niche in indie-rock that I have yet to hear reproduced,” said publicist Alissa Kobe. “‘The Runner’ is a representation of rock with a smooth, new wave feel that you can’t help but feel drawn to. The message of the track is relatable to anyone who hears it, but it will speak to something different in every listener.”

More information about The Deans and their new single ‘The Runner’ can be found on, or @TheDeansMusic on Instagram.

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Introducing Samson For President’s Enchanting Single “Rooftop”: A Classic Folk/Acoustic Delight

Samson For President

Swedish/Colombian Indie artist, Samson For President, mesmerizes music enthusiasts once again with his latest single, “Rooftop.” Known for his powerful and enigmatic voice, Samson’s heartfelt lyrics, soulful vocals, and captivating melodies transport listeners into a world of pure musical bliss.

Hailed as a master of his craft, Samson For President has been making waves in the industry since 2007, garnering nominations for various prestigious music awards. Described as “Scandinavian Soul Noir,” “Colombian Melancholic Pop,” and “Indie Folk,” his unique sound defies categorization, leaving listeners craving more.

Accompanied by a DIY music video filmed in Bogotá, Colombia, “Rooftop” offers a glimpse into Samson’s artistic vision. This sensational single is a precursor to his upcoming album, slated for release in October this year.

For devotees of Classic Folk/Acoustic music, Samson For President’s “Rooftop” is an absolute must-listen, capturing the genre’s very essence.


CLICK HERE TO STREAM Samson For President’s “Rooftop” on YouTube.
CONNECT WITH Samson For President: Instagram

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Weirdydayz Drops Electrifying Fusion with “2.20”: A Must-Hear for Electronic – Hip-hop/Rap Fans!


Weirdydayz, the talented US-based artist, singer, and songwriter, has just unleashed a musical masterpiece with their latest single, “2.20.” Teaming up with the dynamic Lil Champion, Weirdydayz and their producer poured their hearts and souls into this track, and the result is truly outstanding.

“2.20” takes listeners on a wild ride, combining elements from Classical Electronic, Hip-hop, and Rap genres. With infectious electronic beats that will make you move and smooth rap flows that captivate your attention, this track showcases a unique and enthralling sound. It’s a perfect blend for Electronic – Hip-hop/Rap music enthusiasts and is highly recommended for those who crave a musical experience.

If you’re looking for a high-energy and boundary-pushing musical adventure, don’t miss out on “2.20” by Weirdydayz. Get ready to be blown away!

CLICK HERE TO STREAM Weirdydayz’s “2.20” on Spotify.
CONNECT WITH Night Weirdydayz: Instagram

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