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Crossroad Crooks Faces Painful Situations In Epic Debut Single “In Waiting”

“In Waiting” is an all encompassing rock anthem exploring the difficulties of breaking toxic patterns with colorfully melodic guitar riffs.

Indie rock trio Crossroad Crooks delivers an emotional commentary on negative cyclical patterns in their legendary debut single, “In Waiting,” out January 27th. Mike Davis-Penta (Vocals, Drums), Jedd Chlebowski (Bass), and John Leonard (Guitar) come together with electric performances on this hard-hitting, melodic rock song; being the band’s introduction to the music community, “In Waiting” is a chance for them to show fans what they’re made of. The first strum of Leonard’s guitar immediately draws listeners in before Davis-Penta’s powerhouse vocals leave listeners in awe with his charismatic delivery. The song’s riff-rock intro leads into an array of stacked guitar and bass work from unison, progressive riffs, to powerful open chords that allow buttery vocal harmonies to soar with an epic passion. Rock lovers from everywhere are bound to find themselves head-banging by the first chorus; expect to hear influence from artists like Soundgarden, Alter Bridge, and Black Sabbath.

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This song captures the awareness of and taking responsibility for making choices that yield more harm than good. Throughout “In Waiting,” the character at hand acknowledges the pain caused by the negative cyclical behavior they are struggling with; when Davis-Penta sings, “I lie in the bed I make,” he is speaking to the acceptance of being emotionally attached to a bad situation despite having the logic to know otherwise. For the singer and drummer, “This song is an in-your-face acknowledgment of feeding a fire and enablement.” He says, “the lyrical themes of cyclical living combined with massive, melodic guitars and dark instrumentation make ‘In Waiting’ one of our favorites on the album.”

Listeners can stream Crossroad Crooks’ debut single, “In Waiting,” on all major streaming platforms January 27th.

More about Crossroad Crooks:

Crossroad Crooks is a seasoned indie alt. rock trio based out of New Haven, CT. Jedd Chlebowski (bass), Mike Davis-Pinta (vocals and drums), and John Leonard (guitar and recording engineer) come together to create a sound reminiscent of iconic rock artists like Soundgarden, Alter Bridge, and Black Sabbath. The trio delves into a myriad of complex topics in their music ranging from family dynamics, to romantic hardships, to some of life’s most devastating traumas. In their personal lives, Mike is a career firefighter, and John and Jedd are middle school music teachers. The three artists, all multi-instrumentalists and songwriters, initially came together to make music for fun as a potential cover band in 2017; after discovering their passion for original music and years spent honing their craft, the band stands at the forefront of a new era in which they find themselves taking a huge step into the spotlight.

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Listeners can expect raw, authentic lyrics invigorated by electric energy and a big sound. Crossroad Crooks’ rock influence shines brilliantly through thunderous kick drums, face-melting guitar solos, and booming bass lines. With Mike Davis-Penta on vocals and drums, the trio packs a punch with every performance; they’re known to leave crowds amazed at how just three people can make such a powerful sound. Crossroad Crooks has played shows at a variety of notable venues including Foxwoods Casino, The Wolf Den at Mohegan Sun, and the Lyric Hall Theater in Connecticut. For anyone who loves impassioned rock vocals, tender vulnerability, and hearing tight, blistering unison riffs that leave you head-banging, this dynamic trio is non-negotiable.

Artist Spotlight

Kate Stewart’s New single “The Game” is a royal flush

Kate Stewart

Kate Stewart presents a new single called “The Game,” which displays the realm of not getting played by anyone. This track “The Game” reflects on an opportunity to show power and get back to yourself when you’ve fallen astray. Lyrically saying how it feels to know exactly what you want when you want it. It’s all about playing your own game, one where you have control of the outcome and finding a more self-assured version of yourself, all the while having your own full house.

“The game is the game” is just something that I and all my friends have always said. Whenever I try to explain it to people they never understand, you just have to hear it in context to get it! However I thought it would make a really cool title for a song, and in this instance ‘The Game’ symbolizes not letting anything or anyone get in the way of you or what you’re trying to do. You just have to look forward and enjoy the ride, looking back will only hinder all the progress you’ve made. Don’t let anyone dull your shine, the games the game!” – KATE STEWART

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Kate Stewart shines in her daring approach that pays off majorly for this special talent, as she has the charisma of stars on this trendy anthem just on time for the season. It’s a record that is infectious and will have you listening repeatedly with her intriguing display of music being in full bloom for us all to eat up. The single “The Game” is accompanied by black and white music visual directed by Jack Bowden (Nike, HP, Primark, Boohoo, and Trivago) and is the latest visual entry to Kate’s upcoming EP, “You Had To Be There” releasing Fall of 2022. The video flips through Kate against a stark black background and an illuminated background as she poses in powerful stances, with strong visual storytelling. Her outfits range from an oversized blazer to a form-fitting bodysuit.

Her EP ‘You Had To Be There is a storybook of seasons of love, self-love, and empowerment, collaborated and put together by Kate and a circle of music titans. Writers and producers include the legendary, Swagg R’Celious, Humble The Great, David Stewart, Callum Conner, Ryan Ashley & Jeff Gitty.

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Listen to “The Game” by Kate Stewart

What do you think about this song? Drop a comment below…

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A Broken Heart Looms Like Dark Clouds on Cory M. Coons’ New Single – “Long Hard Rain”

Cory M. Coons teams up with producer Marc Muir and label-mate Ed Roman for new melancholic single, “Long Hard Rain”

For many a broken heart can feel like a long hard rain as the emotional, dark clouds roll in. Cory M. Coons new single, “Long Hard Rain”, is for all the folks who have felt beaten down at one point in their lives. The lyrics depict a person who is heartbroken, spiritually or romantically. But there is still hope as they hold out for love and realize that the clouds will dissipate along with their emotional bondage.

“Long Hard Rain gives us an impression of a tumultuous time, with a sense of foreboding, sort of like a darker cloud of emotions or energy hanging over one’s mind and spirit of things to come.” – Cory M. Coons

“Long Hard Rain” was written by Cory M. Coons and produced by his good friend Marc Muir. MTS Record Label-mate and good friend, Ed Roman, provided stellar Hammond b-3 style organ tracks while Muir added bass, atmospheric guitar, electric piano and filler organ.

“Long Hard Rain” was released on July 15 on MTS Records.

About Cory M. Coons

Cory M. Coons is a professional independent performer, musician and award-winning songwriter from Eastern Ontario, Canada, just south of Ottawa. With over 30 years of experience in music, it has been his passion since his early teens as a guitar player/bassist & singer in High School, and shortly after while traveling and performing in a variety of very popular cover bands throughout the mid-to-late 90’s in both Ontario and the United States in well known local high-energy acts such as “Heads Or Tales” and “Shake The Tree”, as well as the band “U.S”, (which toured most of the South Eastern United States in 1998’). Then later formed his own Classic-Melodic Rock influenced band “Tycoons”, releasing two independent recordings and performing throughout Eastern Ontario, Northern NY State, and Quebec in the early 2000’s.

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As a Roots-Rock/Americana blend of Singer-songwriter, Cory has amassed more than 170,000 plays on Spotify for his melodic brand of roots-flavored rock. His work with famed legendary record producer Ron Nevison, has earned him industry recognition from the Los Angeles Music Awards, the Producer’s Choice Honors, The Josie Music Awards, International Singer-Songwriter Association and the Radio Music Awards, among others. With a catalog that boasts several critically-acclaimed full length albums and EPs, as well as a handful of well-received singles. Since 2004’, Cory has officially released 4 full length albums and 2 E.p’s, (with another recent E.p released in 2020), featuring the singles “Leavin” and “Good Times Gone”.

He recently released a previous album “The Long Road Home” in 2018, produced by Multi-Platinum Veteran Music Producer Ron Nevison, (Heart, Bad Company, Damn Yankees, Survivor, Styx, Night Ranger). The album was nominated in 2019 for “Male Album Of The Year” at one of the biggest Independent Award Shows in North America, the “Josie Music Awards”, and he as well had 4 nominations at the 2020 JMA’s, 3 more at the 2021 JMA’s, and is currently nominated at the upcoming 2022 JMA event again in two categories, “E.p of the Year”, & “Single of the Year” (Americana) for his song Freedom Road, this time being held in October at the Grand Ole Opry House. Cory also earned a nomination at the 2021 “International Singer Songwriter Association” (ISSA) Awards in 2021 for “International Male Vocalist of the Year”.

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In 2020, Cory’s Nashville recorded E.p “33.3”, and previous album “The Long Road Home” were released on MTS Records, along with the “Share A Little Time” (E.p) and a re-issue of his “Retrospective” compilation (spanning 1999′ – 2010′). The single “Leavin” was released early in 2020, and the follow up single “Good Times Gone” was released in June of 2020, from the recent Ep “33.3”. In December of 2020, Cory released “Burning Bright at Christmas Time” on MTS Records. The enchanting blend of acoustic guitar and sleigh bells captured the spirit of the holiday, and Coons’ melodic sensibilities remain intact with another rootsy release that feels at home next to his finest releases. “Burning Bright” also featured Coons’ then, 6-year-old daughter, Charleigh, on backing vocals, giving the track a real family touch. Another independent single “Far Away” was released in early 2021, which also featured Charleigh Lynn Coons (at 7) on backing harmonies on the track, along with his single “Freedom Road” which dropped in late 2021 on MTS Records, and currently a new upcoming single is set for release on July 15th of 2022, “Long Hard Rain”, also on the MTS label.

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For more information, please visit Cory M. Coons’ website.

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