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DanteWuzHere is Making His Mark In The Music Industry

We would like to introduce you to the immensely talented DanteWuzHere. He is an all-around powerhouse who has been making BIG waves in Atlanta and has been steadily gaining an industry buzz for his unique smooth flow and delivery.

Dante Suarez, professionally known as DanteWuzHere grew up in the music mecca of Atlanta, Georgia. Born in Bradenton, Florida on February 20th to an African American mother and a Cuban father Singer/Songwriter A chance meeting with industry veteran Debra Killings jump-started his love for the recording studio and writing songs. The turning point for the ambitious singer occurred, when his former manager took him to RCA Records resulting in a recording contract directly from RCA Records head Bob Jamieson and subsequently his debut album Inferno. 

 In 2018 he became a Juno Award Nominee with a song contribution (the single Disturbed) for Indigenous Pop Artist, Iskwé’s album, The Fight Within (Indigenous Music Album of the Year.) In June 2020 he signed with Al Gomes and his award-winning music firm Big Noise LLC. DanteWuzHere’s silky, soulful vocals are woven throughout his highly anticipated EP Paradiso led by his global plea, the gritty bass, and synth-driven single Heaven Help Us. Heaven Help Us is reminiscent of such songs as Marvin Gaye’s “What’s Going On,” John Lennon’s “Imagine” and Kanye West’s “Jesus Walks” in social and global awareness. The currently crazed world in which we live is the perfect inspiration for DanteWuzHere’s follow-up new single Follow Me.

 The soothing transient track acts as a solid foundation for the subtly impactful melody and lyrics. The song successfully traverses multiple musical lanes. Written by Ryan Toby and produced by Jamie Helms, Follow Me harkens back to the days of Terence Trent D’Arby and proves that the past is sometimes the best way forward. ‘Follow me’ made it to the 63rd Grammy Ballots in the categories ‘Best R&B Performance’ and ‘Song of The Year’. 

When not in the studio, DanteWuzHere can be found modeling and acting, appearing in major press such as Vibe Magazine, Obvious Magazine, Elevator Mag, The Source, Yahoo News and Billboard Magazine

DanteWuzHere has worked with major artists and producers such as Narada Michael Walden, Kanye West, Bryan Michael Cox, Organized Noize, Allstar, SInger-songwriter Joe, Nelly, Los Da Mystro, Trey Songz, and many more. He appeared alongside Nelly in the feature film Snipes in the principal role of Damon. Snipes also stars Sam Jones III, Zoe Saldana, and Dean Winters. 

In June 2001 a young Dante was invited to the U.S. House of Representatives as a guest at the “An Artistic Discovery” Congressional Reception.


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