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J. Rose is Becoming Known More and More as a Musician

J.Rose is an R&B/Hip Hop artist, musician, and songwriter from Puerto Rico. He started writing poetry at a young age while influenced by all types of music around him raised by a single mother Mitzy Coreano. Throughout the years J. Rose always knew he was passionate about music in all aspects. Throughout being raised in Puerto Rico, the Bronx, and Brockton Massachusetts he started to study everything from producing, mixing, and mastering and not to forget the business!

While growing up in his teenage years Brockton MA, was the home for music for him, but in 2017 his whole life changed where he was in a car accident that changed his whole life.

“Going from being the most known for his accomplishments and being in the US Army to being the highlight on the morning news was something I never wanted to experience. Unfortunately, such as people go through things that we don’t ask for and maybe at the time don’t even understand. I defiantly didn’t understand and was just angry at the world and myself”.

April 18th, 2017 J. Rose lost someone close to him in his own car accident and changed him in all aspects, but drove his music even more because it was his way out.

” At that time in my life I didn’t know what to do, I would ask myself what do you do when losing it all? Where do I start? Music was the only thing I had that got me through the court dates, house arrest, and the things that were going around in the city. I started to really dive into all types of music and was never objective towards any genre, but I can definitely say that music saved me”.


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Two years later J. Rose puts out one record that explains his life-changing experience and finally speaks on his emotions about the car accident and the trials and tribulations that were surpassed in the process Cultivating his music at higher degrees at The Sound lab in Brockton J. Rose became the Soul drenched/RnB/Singer-Songwriter he always strived to be!

“I never focused on the points in the music just stayed focused with the game, the points will come soon enough,” said J. Rose as one of his favorite quotes to go by. Naming iconic artists like Chris Brown, Tory Lanez, and Russ among his influences, he recently dropped his debut Dancehall project called “Island Trips” in 2020.

J. Rose is sure to pierce through the industry soon enough!

WATCH – J. Rose – Fine Gal (Official Video)


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