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Disrupt Exclusive Interview With THE YMMI BRAND

What exactly is THE YMMI BRAND?

THE YMMI BRAND is a clothing, lifestyle, and music company based around the mindset that “Your Music Must Inspire” meaning that in the song of life, you must use whatever it is you love to do to inspire the world and uplift your community.

What was the process for THE YMMI BRAND when you first started?

THE YMMI BRAND as a clothing company started back in 2019 as more of just a hobby and labor of love, honestly I just really wanted to stand out when I created the “Space Junk” design, my initial intention was to only create it for me as a 1 of 1, but it was at the “Magic Show 2020” {before covid-19 shut the world down}where I noticed the impact of what I had created because I literally had people from all walks of life stopping and asking me what designer was I wearing and if it was for sale, and where could they get it. It was that response from those strangers and other designers the really put the spark in me to take everything to the next level.

What does being a successful fashion designer entail?

That is a very complex question, but I will give you the simplest answer. First things first, you have to dare to be different and challenge yourself both creatively and business-wise, don’t focus on trying to make money straight out the gate as you have to let the people decide what’s your premier product but once you create the demand,,, you feed it. Lastly, Be sure to pay attention to detail in every area of your brand, from the designs, fabric, marketing, and finances. There are many other things I could go into, but those would be the key things.


What is the most rewarding part of being a fashion designer?

To see people excited to be in our clothes or to travel around America and see people in different places with our clothes on or when a store calls you a couple of days after you stocked them up to request more units because they sold out, those were some of the parts that let me know, “oh, this real.”

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What do you want your audience to know about your brand?

That we are a universal brand and everybody is welcome!

What is your greatest success so far when it comes to your brand?

Just the love we get from everybody and how an idea I had is becoming a wave! It’s only up from here!


Where does your brand originate from?

THE YMMI BRAND started right here in Minneapolis, MN

Where are you from?

I am originally from Springfield, IL but spent most of my younger years between Minneapolis & Chicago


What are some of the challenges you faced along the way?

All types but mainly finding the right fabrics and manufactures as my focus on quality wouldn’t allow me to have anything less than phenomenal!

What does it take to be a successful fashion designer?

Love what you do, you find your voice, and create your movement as the saying goes-


“If you build it, they will come”!

Where do you see your brand in the next five years?

I see us expanding to more stores, rolling out our kid’s line, and really becoming that next big brand


What is some advice you would give to a young fashion designer?

Do it cause you love and the money will come, don’t get caught in the up trends just be you and let your energy attract all that is already yours.

Who/What is your biggest inspiration?

I get inspiration from all places but my biggest inspiration would be from an artist like Basquiat and Vincent Van Gogh and designers like  Nigo, Virgil Abloh, Michael Cherry, Dapper Dan, and Daymond John.


Anything else your audience should know?

That the sky is the limit and for those that believe they have a limit don’t be that person, always remind yourself there are no limits!

Check out THE YMMI BRAND below:




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