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How creating entertaining videos on TikTok changed Max Zaharenkov’s life

They say an artist is born an artist. The statement stands true with the life journey of Max Zaharenkov. This Russian-born humble soul has achieved in his youth what many only desire.

Entrepreneuring a thriving startup in Great Britain, over 300k super exciting fans, more than 550k content views, engaging audience on Instagram and Facebook, that too in his late twenties.

This is surely an inspiring story for those who moan, groan and complain about the circumstances but are never willing to that first step.

Max grew up watching and mimicking his favorite Russian artists. While in high school, he had participated in various film projects and social commercials, influencing everyone with his top-notch performance and dedication to the media industry.

Max moved to London for higher studies and seeking more opportunities. While studying international marketing at university, he spent his spare time doing what he does best – sharing love and happiness through his performance.

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He joined every video-sharing app to showcase his talent to the world. Be it Vine, video creating app or YouTube. But despite untiring efforts, sheer determination and dedication, inactivity and poor engagement of followers made him close his social accounts.

Success comes to those who never give up. Max hoped against hope.  He decided to utilize the newly emerging social platform of TikTok. Without realizing that this decision would possibly change his life for good.

He created a TikTok account in 2017 and started sharing his entertainment videos with the world. His out-of-the-box creatives and stand-out acting skills gained immense popularity and received much appreciation from across the globe followers.

TikTok proved to be a boon and a turning point for his career. Who could know, sharing his life moments with people would gather over 300k followers and more than 550k views? People loved his content so they pressed the follow-up button.

“I was happy sharing my content because it made people smile. They appreciated me for I was sharing my life’s precious moments with them.”

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His recognition as a TikTok star became the first milestone of his career. Today, he is also a self-made and wacky entrepreneur and has founded BorrowPort – an ever-growing startup in Great Britain.

Max found out what his real fashion was at such an early age, began working towards that when he was in high school, and today super cool people wait to see what he shares with the world.

Max hopes to pave an even bigger tide in 2021, aspiring to become the voice to the voiceless and striving for any opportunity where he can impact millions of lives through entertainment, and recreation.

Max believes in philanthropy. He travels around the world and has helped different charity organizations by participating in marathon races in different countries.

Everyone is born with dreams and desires but not everybody strives hard and fulfills their destiny.


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