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Premiere: Eric 6ray Transcended Genres In His Debut Record “Nothing Less”

Eric 6ray is a Mexican-American Artist from Eloy Arizona, Phoenix, and Los Angeles.
Eric 6ray transcended genres in his debut record “Nothin Less” feat Kap G prod by Eskupe that hit a quarter-million views in a month. The music scene is paying close attention to what this buzzing artist has to come. His Single “F*cked Over” has 500,000 views on his social media page and is estimated to do 100,000+ plays on Spotify in week 1.

1. How would you describe your musical style?

Eric6ray – I don’t describe it. I leave it to the listeners experience to describe it

2. What is the first album you ever listen to? Who are the artists you look up to past and present?

Eric6ray – First album I ever hear was Nas. The one with “one mic” and “if I ruled the world”

And I don’t look up or down on any artist. Everybody is creating art and telling their experiences . I pull from within myself, my life, and my own issues for inspiration.

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3. Where do you find your inspiration?

Eric6ray –  I get inspiration from everything . especially from issues I overcome or going through. Depression, breakup, drug abuse, confusion, love, war, family.

4. What is one experience in life that, without it, you wouldn’t be the artist you are today?

Eric6ray – Substance use. If I didn’t use so much in my past I don’t think I would of seen things the way I do or have had to overcome anything. Overcoming is a huge part of the process and art.

5 Please tell us more about your experience in the music industry, how it affected your life and art?

Eric6ray – I learned from a lot of artist , producers, managers, and labels in the industry. From distribution deals to management deals, to features getting cleared. After going through and using the beast for awhile I decided to stay independent until the right partnership came along. This decision gave me more time to focus on myself and my life and my art . I don’t have to please anybody with my art other then myself.

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6. How does your creative process differ now compare to when you started?

Eric6ray – Now I create my own beats, I write my own lyrics, i have a lot more of a unique and different sound. I found my voice now a days. When I first started I used a lot of YouTube beats and I didn’t have my own sound or really any consistent process . Most of the creative side I do on my own. Then I leave the science and promotions up to my team.

7. If you could take anyone in the world dead or alive for dinner who would it be?

Eric6ray – Id take 2pac to dinner. I would want to talk to him 1 on 1 because everything you see in the media could of been twisted to portray something they wanted us to see. I want to see what really drove the greatest rapper on earth. Or bob marley and I’d have the same questions. Or Kurt cobain.

8. Do you prefer recording or performing Live? And Why?

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That’s the hardest question. I love recording because you’re mind can wonder to anywhere and you can say anything and it can become ANYTHING you feel or want it to be.

But I love performing because the energy the crowd gives you makes you feel like you could Float straight through the ceiling.

If I had to choose though… man I don’t even know what I’d choose! I’d probably record right on stage 😂.


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Devoted dad • Sometimes bearded ex-chemist • Married to an amazing Teacher • I like watching dogs eat peanut butter •