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Exclusive Interview: Meet Ariel Lavi, The Big Star of the Film Industry

The Big Star of the film industryAriel Lavi is an Actor, Screenwriter, and Producer from Israel. Ariel Lavi has achieved so much for his age in the film industry. He is dedicated to producing films that contribute to the world’s stock of knowledge and culture. Ariel Lavi wrote his first screenplay at age 15. By that age, he had already performed in the Studio Theater in Haifa, a significant fringe theatre in Israel. And has gained attention from well-renowned publications all over the world. He has been interviewed in LA, NYC,  Washington, Chicago, Miami, Atlanta, Beijing, London, Mexico, Canada, Tel Aviv, Dubai, and the USA. The Studio Theater is known for its performances of plays by Shakespeare and Moliere and plays by American playwrights.

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In his 10 years of experience, he has worked as a writer in a few international guilds such as “The British Actors Guild Equity,” “The Writers Guild of Great Britain,” and “The Dramatist Guild of America Broadway”‘ and in many other guilds. He studied screenwriting at British universities; he studied with a Hollywood acting coach and in The Lee Strasberg Film & Theater Institute. However, the one thing in which he struggled was to adapt to the American Accent. But now, he has taken it seriously, and in his two films, the improvement can be seen.

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In an interview with Cali Post, the CEO of Lavi Company, Ariel Lavi shared his greatest achievement as an Actor, Screenwriter, and Producer in the film industry, and many more.

Here is the Q&A from the interview with Cali Post.

Ariel Lavi

What is your greatest achievement as an Actor, Screenwriter, and Producer?

“The winning in NYC, Metanoia and the interviews in all over the world.”

How did you get into the film industry?

“It all started at 15 years old. I played in The Studio Theater in Haifa for many years. I played in a lot of genres like Shakespeare, Muller, American plays, and so on. Later on, I studied acting at Lee Strasberg Film & Theater Institute for one year and I studied screenwriting in a few universities in the UK. I decided to change my life to create my independent way. I produced many films all over the world. For example: In House – An American short film I cast and Produced who participated in “Habayta” international film festival who collaborated with Jerusalem film festival with Hollywood referees like Ayelet Zorer and Nancy Spielberg. “Race” an Israeli short film I produced that was nominated in Improaction film festival, “Salads For Soulmates” an American Short Film, I worked with Shira Hadad, Christie Shaw, Artie Shaw, and the Actor Patrick Murney and we were won in 48 hours film festival in NYC and our film will represent NYC in Filmapalooza international film festival in Washington. “Metanoia” is a Sci-Fi short film in English in Mexico with the famous actress Jessica Decote, Laura Di Luca and Carlos Hendrick Huber and Directed by Moran Avni, I did interviews all over the world and I’ll open a new American film production company in LA and I have few films in pre-production.”

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What are 3 words that describe your Acting, Screenwriting, Producing?

“Motivated, Winner, and Fearless.”

What do you want people to take away after watching your films?

“I want to make them feel something.”

Who inspires you the most?

“Adam Sandler and Lati Grobman.”

Who is one you wish you could work with?

“Leonardo Dicaprio and Brad Pitt”

Tell us about any new film you have coming out? When is it coming out? What is it about?

“I wrote and I’ll produce 2 American short films – NYC Dreams and Kaleidoscope. I’m expecting to produce it soon.

Anything else you want the audience to know about you?

“I’m open to collaborating with everyone don’t hesitate to send me a message on Instagram or Facebook.“

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