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Everything You Need To Know About Instagram Verification as a Musician and Business Owner

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Today, we have a lot to talk about in this article. So, If you are seeing this article you are definitely in the right place because we are going to share with you everything you need to know about Instagram verification as a musician and business owner. What is Instagram verification? This is a Blue Check-MARK that shows or appears on the right or left side of a famous Instagram username Lol… Which means that you are either a famous musician, a famous brand, or a public figure. Everyone using Instagram can apply for verification on the Mobile app easily but only a few get verified the reason is that they know the secret behind the verification process.

Can anyone be verified on Instagram?

There is something you need to know that Instagram has very strict policies about the verification process. Not everyone is eligible for a verified badge on their account; in fact, it’s quite hard to get the Instagram badge. But, it’s easy to sign in to your Instagram account and request a verified badge. But the verification process has got a lot more complicated after that. Instagram will review your application and they will only approve your account if only you meet the requirement. Below is the requirement you need to pay attention to before you apply on the Mobile App:

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Authentic – Your Instagram account must represent a real person, artist, or registered business.

Unique – Instagram doesn’t verify interest accounts. Your account must be your unique presence, and you can only verify one account in your name/ artist name.

Complete – You’re required to have a bio, profile photo, and at least one post. Your account must also be set to “public” and can’t contain any “add me” links to your other social media accounts.

Notable – This is probably the hardest criteria to meet. Instagram only verifies accounts that represent well-known, frequently-searched-for individuals, businesses, or brands. They’ll want to see evidence that you feature in multiple news sources, and these can’t be paid-for or any form of promotional content.

How do I get verified on Instagram when am not famous?

We get a lot of messages from Musicians and business owners on Instagram asking this question on how to get verified on Instagram when they are not famous. It’s hard to get an Instagram verified badge if you’re not famous or if you’re still growing your fanbase. The best way to get your Instagram verified is to make sure your profile meets Instagram’s four-point verification criteria. Work on your Notability by appearing in as many reliable news sources as you can and by accumulating awards and achievements for your music. You can boost your notability by inviting journalists to attend your concert and asking them to write and publish a review afterward or You can also contact a PR agency to get you on a reliable news source.

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What are the reliable news sources for Instagram verification?

There are thousands of news sources there but few of them are reliable. Today we are going to share the List out the most reliable news sources for Instagram verification. The reliable news source mentioned here can get you VERIFIED within 30-90days.

  1. Honk Magazine (Google News)
  2. Earmilk (Google News)
  3. The Source (Verified Platform)
  4. Thisis50 (Verified Platform)
  5. Influencive (Verified Platform)
  6. All HipHop (Verified Platform)
  7. Sheen Magazine (Verified Platform)
  8. Muzique Magazine (Google News)
  9. Hustle Franklins
  10. Dark Magazine (Important)
  11. News Break (Verified Platform)
  12. Respect Magazine (Google News)
  13. Time Bulletin (Important)
  14. Elevator Magazine (Important)
  15. Hype Off Life (Important)
  16. HipHop Since1987 (Important)
  17. State of HipHop (Important)
  18. New Fire Music (Important)
  19. Gotham Magazine (Important)
  20. About Insider (Important)
  21. Cali Post (Important)
  22. Daily Advent (Important)
  23. Menafn (Important)
  24. Vocal Creators (Verified Platform)
  25. DJ Ice Berg (Important)
  26. Redx Magazine (Important)
  27. Voyage Magazine (Important)
  28. 1st Day Fresh (Important)
  29. Kazi Magazine (Google News)
  30. Swagger Magazine (Important)
  31. HypeFresh (Very Important)
  32. Itsbizkit (Verified Platform)
  33. Forbes India (Verified Platform)
  34. HipHop Weekly (Very Important)
  35. Daily Herald (Verified Platform)
  36. Vents Magazine (Google News)
  37. Broad Way World (Google News + Verified Platform)
  38. Futuresharks (Important)
  39. LA Weekly (Important)
  40. Medium (Verified Platform)
  41. Seekers Time (Important)
  42. US Times Now (Important)
  43. America Dailypost (Important)
  44. Flaunt Magazine (Verified Platform)
  45. Disrupt Magazine (Very Important)
  46. The Hype Magazine (Very Important)
  47. Yahoo News (Verified Platform)
  48. TheInscriber Magazine (Important)
  49. The Odyssey Online (Verified Platform)
  50. Laprogressive (Important)
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The sites listed above are reliable news sources PR agencies use to get their clients verified on Instagram. If you like this article don’t forget to drop a comment below and don’t forget to send Natalie a message if you have any questions. Like “How many News Sources does a musician need to get verified?”

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In Conclusion:

If you are a musician or a business owner you need to create a Google Knownledge Panel which will show up on Google when anyone search you on Google and it must be verified. It’s very important to add in your social media link Like “Follow Honk Magazine on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter”, the inner link will redirect reader to your social media account so it’s very important they mention your social media. The more Top tiers to target the more chance to get verified FAST!


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