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Frank Carrozzo: Still Hungry of Talent, Artists and Music.

Talent Manager launches Record Label GOATHEAD RECORDS

Music is a world made up of the artists singing it, the ones performing it, and the people selling it by putting those pieces of the puzzle together, making sure the success of the enterprise is successfully accomplished.

These “music men” or “impresarios”,  as they were called in the “old music business”, have been lurking behind the curtains away from attention-seeking gossips. Their main goal is to put together songs, projects, and acts in order for others, usually the artists they manage to be able to show them off in front of the audience.

Frank Carrozzo, has been lurking behind the curtains of music and show business for quite some time. At around the age of 16, he started hanging out around other Italian show business impresarios and learning the ways the music business worked. He later got to work as a sound engineer and record producer for names such as Ed Sheeran, Chris Brown, The Game, A$AP Ferg, and Blueface. In 2018, he met Sarah Azhari, an Indonesian top actress, singer and entertainer that lived her glory of “Most Wanted Actress of Indonesia” during the 2000’s and the two began working together on her complete rebranding. Azhari, well known for her controversiality in Indonesia, quickly became under Frank’s advice a woman with a positive outlook and love for her fanbase ready to be catapulted back in show business after about 20 years of hiatus.

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The two mastered the arts of YouTube marketing, vlogging, and new media entertainment, gaining millions of views around the world and making Sarah’s return official.

After managing other Instagram and Tik Tok influencers, Carrozzo went full into music-man mode, founding GoatHead Records, a Los Angeles based record company with the intent of distributing songs, artists and managing their music careers to stardom. The goal has been already taking action by launching singles for artists such as Beth Bella, a Ukrainian born singer-songwriter whose song “Bang Bang” went viral on Tik Tok, hip hop artist Morrison Machiavelli, Y.Rome, and fresh up and coming DJ and artist ASTRØMAN and Sarah Azhari. The last two, in particular, just released a new single named “Near Or Far.”. The two artists appear to be in love in a sci-fi video executively produced by Carrozzo and released by GoatHead Records.

Here is the link to it:


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Radio Airplay Chart-Topper Alex Krawczyk Releases Inspiring New Single ‘Better Days’

The Canadian folk singer/songwriter follows her #1 AC40 radio hit “There Will Be Light” with another track from her debut album. “Better Days” hits airwaves on August 1st, 2022.

Having recently released her emotionally charged and inspiring album “Le Olam,” Canadian folk singer and songwriter Alex Krawczyk has struck a chord with listeners around the globe. First single, “There Will Be Light” reached the pinnacle of the National Radio Hits AC40 airplay chart, holding the #1 position for 2 weeks.  With more than 100K Spotify streams of the album under her belt, Alex is releasing a new single, “Better Days,” from the album. Due for release on Monday, August 1st, 2022, “Better Days” continues the inspiring message found throughout “Le Olam.”

A spokesperson for the artist made an official press statement “Le Olam’ is a very personal and meaningful album for Alex Krawczyk, since it was written after the loss of her parents. The new single explores how grief impacts people, but also offers inspiration and hope to the listeners with its calming folk and indie style.”

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Alex is currently writing and recording music for her follow-up album, due late 2022/early 2023.

When she’s not working on her music, Alex devotes much of her time to working with charitable initiatives in her community. Don’t look for Alex to take the stage for live performances any time soon, tho. Preferring to stay out of the limelight, she continues to write and record new music, continuing to share her journey of hope and healing through song. More details about Alex Krawczyk and her new single can be seen at

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Sarantos Delivers Fun Song About Self-Loathing “I’m A Bitch’

Sarantos continues on his determined path of continuously making music every month. For this month, his new single is “I’m A Bitch,” which is quite a fascinating title for a song. Sarantos has always had a bit of an interesting approach to songwriting, choosing to be right on the nose with a lot of his musical choices.

Despite the off-color and somewhat silly title, “I’m A Bitch,” is a song all about being angry towards one’s self. Themes of self loathing and anger permeate throughout the song. Many of the lines are all about how negative uncontrolled emotions can lead  one down a path of self destruction and ruined relationships. This is backed up by the singer himself wailing about his own experiences living through this issue.

While there’s recognition towards the idea that the way he’s feeling is extremely negative, the song is content with just getting its point across. Throughout the song, Sarantos gets more and more dejected and angry, signifying how self destructive this sort of behavior is. It all culminates in a big climax that’s as fascinating to listen to as it is pitiful and sad.

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Many of these problems and issues apparently stem from the Sarantos’ own head, as they’re unfounded doubts that turn him jealous. Unfortunately, there’s no happy resolution for our character here. “I’m A Bitch,” simply concludes with its main character being upset and understanding they have a problem, but being incapable of fixing themselves. It’s sadly reflective of many people in real life.

Musically the song is a lot of fun, with an overall upbeat and energetic vibe. It’s also quite catchy, with Sarantos delivery fitting the song in quite a few aspects. We also like how much fun Sarantos has with the songwriting here, taking every opportunity to work outside of the proverbial box. It makes for a single that’s kind of unorthodox, but still manages to retain your attention.

Overall, “I’m A Bitch,” is definitely one of Sarantos’ stronger singles. It’s musically solid, features a lot of powerful themes, and the songwriting here is on point. It’s also a lot more serious than his typical fare, which gives off a different vibe. Definitely a fascinating turning point for the artist, and we’d really like to see more songs like this from him. For now however, we’ll settle with relistening to “I’m A Bitch.”

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–Jason Airy

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