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Halfloves Release New Track “Do U Follow Me?”

Halfloves releases upbeat new single “Do U Follow Me?”, their first new release since 2019’s album Dazer. The track was recorded at The Magic Barn, the second life of famed NY studio The Magic Shop where David Bowie, Bjork, Coldplay, and countless other legendary acts have also made their music.

According to the band, they had been sitting on the bassline since 2016, inspired by Kendrick Lamar’s “King Kunta” and Gorillaz’s “Stylo”, but it wasn’t until the events of Blackout Tuesday on June 2, 2020, that the rest of the song unfolded. “It was mystifying to sort out our true motivations in posting that black square – was it in solidarity for the cause of justice or was it for our ‘brand’ on social media? Was obsessing over that question a healthy self-reflection or was it self-centered and even white-centric?

Beyond that specific scenario, it’s just curious how something as seemingly innocuous as a technology that enables you to share photos of your dog with your family also has this enormous power to subconsciously direct the behaviors of millions and shape the zeitgeist of culture, transforming the deepest parts of our psychology and sense of purpose. Meaning has become conflated with metrics. We had to ask ourselves, ‘Where is this leading us? What are we following?’

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