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HDN Cujo Releases “Zoom’ Leaving All of His Competition Behind

American rapper, singer, and songwriter Roderick Smith (b. December 17th, 1998), better known as HDN Cujo (CEO of HDN ENTERTAINMENT LLC) crafts a sublime soundtrack named “Zoom”. “Zoom” is a follow-up single release to “Warzone” which garnered viral attention reaching over one million combined views on TikTok, bringing him too well over one hundred thousand streams on Spotify & Apple Music organically. HDN Cujo has been consistent with his releases and started to shake up the industry model as an independent artist making huge headway in a short amount of time.
HDN Cujo’s much-anticipated release of “Zoom” is here with an official release date of Friday, June 25th, 2021. Catchy and melodic flows will again be very distinguished and identifiable by HDN Cujo’s unique voice and delivery. Fans have swarmed HDN Cujo’s social media calling for the release of ‘Zoom’ after exploding his fan base with ‘Warzone’.
HDN Cujo explains how ‘Zoom’ was derived. Cujo said “Zoom describes how I feel, I think people look down on me and doubt me because they don’t think that I’ll make it far with my music so they talk down on me as well. I tend to deliver lyrics in a vivid form showing how no matter what people think I will still dominate and takeover. “Don’t try me, I’m top 3, I ain’t 3rd and I’m never in 2nd who’s above me? This bar is to show I’m coming for the number 1 spot and with the motivation I have I will push until I reach that spot, no matter the setbacks!”
This brilliant rapper and songwriter from Niagara Falls, New York, embeds his real-life experiences in his music-making it much more honest and penetrating. With a focal point to create hit records, HDN Cujo is destined to “Zoom” past his competition landing him in a position of notoriety. While in talks with labels and distributors, HDN Cujo’s presence has been noticed and verified as an up-and-coming artist bound to break through to the masses.

“ Zoom” can be found across all streaming platforms now! Follow HDN Cujo on Spotify at or save ‘Zoom’ to your Apple Music Playlist at For more information and to keep up to date with upcoming releases, tour dates, official HDN Cujo merchandise, and giveaways;
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