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Interview With Emerging Urban Artist Nasser

The up-and-coming artist from Orlando, Nasser, releases a whole lot of sound and emotions on the new single “One More Chance?”

Read on through to learn more about the talented artist.

Tell us more about “One More Chance?” and the message behind it.

One More Chance is a song about regret, pure and simple. 

I started writing it during that period of time after a breakup when you’re still overthinking everything you did wrong. I even went as far as making lists of all my mistakes. But I got over the breakup and moved on, so I never finished the song.

Then, when my mom passed away earlier this year, I felt a similar emotion wash over me. Only this time, I was overthinking all the things I wished I had done better. And that’s when I came up with the hook and tied it together. It’s about wishing you had one more chance to show your love for someone. It’s like, as soon as a relationship ends, I suddenly see everything so clearly. . “One More Chance” is about valuing the people you love while they’re still in your life, not just once you’ve lost them. 

What skills have you learned that have helped you in your career?

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This entire adventure has been a learning experience. When I started, I knew almost nothing about editing vocals or arranging productions or songwriting. During the year, I’ve learned how to do all of that, by trial and error and by working with talented people. The greatest skill I’m still learning, though, is communication. When a song works, it’s because I’ve accurately expressed how I feel. 

Which song of yours are you the proudest of?

So far, I’m proudest of “One More Chance.” It’s me being completely vulnerable and unfiltered about the loves and friendships I’ve lost, and how much I regret the mistakes I’ve made. In that way, it’s both an apology and a confession. 

Are there any new music videos coming soon?

You’ll have to wait and see. But I’ll say this: there’s a lot happening behind the scenes. 

What made you decide to pursue a career in entertainment?

Honestly, this career decided me. I couldn’t have imagined ever becoming an entertainer. Over the years, I’ve dabbled in a lot of fields. But even as I found success, I didn’t find fulfillment.

So then, I decided to pick the easiest path possible, and that’s how I became an indie musician. 

Just kidding. But seriously, throughout my life, music has been my most consistent friend. I think about how my favorite musicians have impacted me, people like Aaliyah, Drake, Sade, and Michael Jackson to name a few, and I just want to be that person for someone else. 

What kind of songwriter would you classify yourself as?

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An extremely handsome one! No, really though… I think I tend to write from instinct, mostly because I’m reflecting on my real life here.. The biggest challenge has been learning to express myself more authentically. I like to think I’m becoming a really honest songwriter who is vulnerable and willing to share the obstacles I’m overcoming.

Do you have any hobbies or interests outside of music?

When I’m not creating, I’m probably doing something to take care of my body or my mind. I’m trying to be more into mindfulness. Trying at least. And from time to time, you can find me making it rain at your local basketball court. 

What’s next for Nasser?

I’m really focused on getting out of the comfort of my own company. I’m eager to share the music I’ve made with the world. I’m ready to start the next chapter of my career, and start performing live.

Stay tuned. 

Thank You!

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